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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Superfly, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. 0E061713-0402-458E-97DB-BC8D5894449B.png 4D7A983C-964E-4A1C-B0F1-BB128E6DE19B.png EB189D86-5896-4BB8-9F21-4CA5A1D3541A.jpeg Got a bit of something that was tarnishing the paint finish, car still looked shiny, but I could see a sort of hazing, looked like I’d splashed through some watery cement or something, anyway it wouldn’t budge with usual waxing / polishing, so decided to try shields clay bar, coupled with shields mirraplate and then meguires ceramic wax, the clay bar worked great, removed all surface contamination, then polished up great with miraplate (even though the bottle is years old lol) then I applied the ceramic wax, I think it came up looking great, but I haven’t actually been up close to a detailed cab, so nothing much to compare to other than pics on this forum.
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  2. Looks pretty good in the first picture. Clay bar is a must when detailing. Don’t want to be polishing and waxing on top of all that built up dirt etc.
    Get some tire gel too makes the car look even cleaner!
  3. Yep also did meguires tyre cleaner, worked well
  4. Rim cleaner.
  5. 4C947AEC-1B7F-43F1-92D1-8867D2726645.jpeg BAAE23A8-BAD3-4A83-BFE9-314085D2989F.jpeg Mags had a hazing on them to, but apparently that’s carbon that’s sat on the rim a bit long, the meguires did a great job of shifting most of the marking, but then decided to use a bit of the clay bar on the mags, works like a charm, removes the marks instantly and also gets into the crevices, does take a bit of time though, but well worth it IMO. Will clean the inners next weekend :-)
  6. Nb that’s clay bar, then buffed a bit of ceramic wax over the top to seal them.

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