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  1. Hi,

    I am just about finished refreshing the full front suspension on my 250.

    My questions is what setups are people running on the front suspension for toe and camber. For mainly track use

    I have read in a few threads that people are setting the front to toe out which seems very strange as all my other cars I have set slightly toe in?

    I have used the search bar not a massive amount is coming up.

    Thanks Chris
  2. With standard suspension the only thing adjustable is the front toe. Don't know exact numbers but factory alignment is slight toe out to give better steering response.
  3. Sorry I should have mentioned it is on bilstein coilovers with adjustable top mounts

  4. Mainly track try

    F 3 deg camber
    F 4 min toe OUT per side

    R 2deg camber
    R 8min tow IN per side

  5. So toe out is better as it's currently set to toe in slightly but I wasn't happy with it.
  6. neither is 'better'
    toe IN gives good straight line stability but promotes understeer
    toe OUT gives good turn in but encourages nervous (tram line) front end

    typically bit toe OUT up front works well

    same for rear toe IN good stability and follows front round corners
    toe OUT would make rear take its own corner and bring rear around a bit sharpish which some folk quite like
  7. I still can’t find optimal settings for fast road setup :rage:
  8. Stock settings are fine for fast road, no need for loads of camber. If you have adjustable top mounts and want a bit more then try -1.5deg camber and ten mins of toe out overall
  9. I agree Brigsy - that’s what I ended up running. It’s good
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