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  1. Bought the replacement steering rack bush from Jonny months ago as I had a warning on my last MOT about free play in the rack. Finally got round to getting it fitted (I paid someone else to do it!) and it has certainly cleared up the free play. Service was really good, and he even supplied some fitting instructions.

    Well worth the £33 over a replacement rack at £400.
  2. How long it take to get it fitted mate?
  3. Not too sure on the time for just the rack bush, but they did the whole suspension refresh in 4hrs. From what I know, you have to remove the ns inner and outer steering arm to get access to the bush. My mechanic said it was pretty easy to do.
  4. It's not a bad job to do. Just a bit fiddly getting the new bush in.
  5. I did mine in about an hour from start to finish. Just make sure it goes in the right way round!
  6. I've got mine at home ready to go in... Is there a 'how to'?
  7. Track Focus Direct

    Track Focus Direct RSM Trader

  8. Track Focus Direct

    Track Focus Direct RSM Trader

    Thanks for the feedback EwanT. We've sold loads of these bushes now and found they even fit the Clio 197 :-)
  9. Yeah, my mechanic I use is a Renault specialist (RenTec in Edinburgh) and he was pretty impressed. I suspect he may be in touch with you to order some in!
  10. Track Focus Direct

    Track Focus Direct RSM Trader

    Thanks for the feedback. A few specialists have bought them and are getting used to the fitting process. Fitting time can be as low as 20 mins if you've done it before and have good garage equipment!
  11. Looks like this could be the answer for my car then. Bought it around 3 weeks ago and i'm sorting it all out and tightning it all up ready to have some performance goodies put on. Really want to tighten the steering. From what you guys have said sounds like it works lovely!
  12. Hi,

    What are the symptom's of this bush failing?


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