Track day tyres - what are people's recommendations?

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  1. Hi All. Currently only looking at the Toyo Proxes R888R and the Nankang AR1 with 255/40/17 up front and 235/45/17 on the rear. Toyos are £100 cheaper at the moment so wondering if that's the best choice? Good to hear people's experiences and recommendations.
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  2. AR1 is better than R888R. I run AR1 or Direzza in 255/40-17 and 225/45-17.
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  3. I used AR-1s on my MKII 225. They were really really good however i only got 3 track days out of the fronts.....albeit all 3 track days were very hot days and the 225 doesn't have an LSD fitted so the fronts were working much harder than they should have

    In the wet they are pretty poor and just about use-able on the road to get too and from track
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  5. Just heard the AR1s are closer to the Dunlop’s performance and can take more abuse before falling off.
  6. I run Federal 595's, i feel they are great for the price, they do go off a bit but then stay at that point for a long time.
    I have run AD08r's and R888's but there no where as good as the 595's after 3-4 laps as they go off pretty quick.

    Just my experience, i do run 255-35-18's
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  7. I've run R888rs and AR1s on my mk 2. Unfortunately there was several months and some engine work between the switch over so it's not a direct comparison.

    I would say the AR1s edge it and at the same price I would stick with them. For £100 less I'd go Toyo.
  8. Thanks Steve. I ended up going the AR1s for £60 more because I was told that they take a lot more of a battering before they fall off in comparison to the Toyos
  9. What are people running in the wet?

    I'm thinking of getting some Michelin ps4 or something similar for wet days?
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  10. I reckon PS4s or Rainsport 3s for daily use? Ultimate setup!
  11. I'm also considering the Goodyear supersport.

    Definitely something that will be more at home in the wet compared to the ns2r which are terrible in the cold/wet.
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    New Goodyear are better than our beloved PS4
  13. I used to run Rainsport 3's on the mk2, my mk3 came with Goodyear asymmetric 3's (great for road use as well) used them in the wet and they were fantastic, going to try the asymmetric 5's this year as there supposed to be better in the wet than the 3's, Rainsports need a lot of water on track or they wear very quick.
  14. I always used to fit the asymmetric 2s to my Alfa (going back 10 years), always found them to be awesome but never took it on track.
  15. apparently the 2's have great grip but wear quickly, the 3's lasted me quite well, used them to drive to the track and only used them if it was wet
  16. Which Goodyears do you reckon are better than the PS4?
  17. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I don't recon they are, they are quicker. the new Supersport. Proven to be quicker in the wet on the same car, driver and conditions, Not hugely but still better, PS4s didn't even come second in the test, IIRC they were 4th or 5th so just goes to show.
  18. Thinking about it, the wear was pretty horrendous!

    I went through at least 4 tyres (rotated regularly) and had a pair of cheap falkens inbetween, as well as the pirelli that were on it. Had it from new and sold it with 23k miles lmao!

    Seriously considering the supersport now!
  19. Compared to the price ... AR1 still better than R888R money wise? Could you explain why you're running 225 at the rear, rubbing the wheel archers?
  20. Also cheaper! They do the PS4 S in 18 now to.
  21. Federel 595RSR`s are also half decent in the wet/damp on the road to.So at least you are not worried about going straight on at the first corner.Obviously you cant take liberty's,but at least you can still drive to track days with them on,saving having to take a second set of road tyres with you.

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