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  1. Hello, i ll try in the next track day:
    255 35 18 front (-2 camber) federals RSR
    245 40 18 rear (-1 camber) cup 2
    Oem cup suspensions w/ H&R springs
    Remap stage 1.
    what do you guys think about this?

  2. Hi. I think I would like to know why the decision to mount the cup2
  3. I already have them
  4. What size r u running for track ??
  5. I run with federal 595. Size 225/40/18 front and 235/40/18 back.

    After many trackdays, and in my suspension settings (cup), I think it's ideal. Depending on the circuit it is good to use toyo r888r or AR1 on the front axle in size 235 and then use 595 in measure 225 in the back, in this way I try to place the car in the corners, especially in slow circuits. but most have fast curves that if you don't have back support you can have a problem
  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Wider rear tyres?
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  7. I dont think the Feds with their unique pattern will be that happy with cup2 more standard tread pattern

    Had this before when mixing Feds with goodyear F3 car felt bit funny in straight line
  8. I see one guy running
    255-35-18 front
    225-40-18 rear

    But i think
    255-35-18 front
    235-40-18 rear
    Its the perfect one

    What d u think?
  9. I run 255" front and 225" rear
  10. Good grip, feeling on rear? High speed corners?
  11. It's good for 7.30 at the ring so i think its a pretty good setup
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  12. I run 255 35 18 595 rsr's all round, think i'm running 3deg front 1.5 on the rear, on BC coilovers 10kg all round.

    Standard engine ATM :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Personal times or by what others have done?
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  14. Get 4 of the same tires and get the wider tire at the front.
  15. I’ve not seen people run wider tyres on the front before
  16. Lift off oversteer is great fun :laughing::laughing:
  17. A bit like braking and steering into a corner yes
  18. 255 on a standard wheel though ??
  19. Ha ha ha my mk2 was a lot easier than the mk3, but still worth trying
  20. No, i have upgraded to 8.5j wheels, right on the limit
  21. So same size but 888r front Michelin PS4 rear would have the same effect :grinning:
  22. Slicks on the front and Federal 595's on the rear was a giggle :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  23. I’ll try it with the PS4 but maybe leave it till I get back from spa :grinning:
  24. when are you at Spa ???
  25. First weekend in may
  26. I'm there again in November, the Ring in April
    Did Spa 3 times last year and 5 times the year before that :relaxed::relaxed:
  27. with RSR ???
    Fuck that expensive :cry:
  28. I'd love to do Spa this year!

    Who do you book yours with Ian?
  29. There's a double day 9th and 10th November with Opentrack, not booked it yet, although i have booked the accommodation
  30. £475 for both days seems pretty good value!

    Looking at selling my house at the end of the summer so depending on how that pans out, I may even give it a go myself!
  31. A few
    See you there, a few go us going as well.
  32. Ahhh bloody hell might have a look then :openmouth::openmouth:
  33. Is that with RSR ????
  34. Hi Ian, I don't know who its with. Martin has set it all up
    Hi Ian,I don't know who its with, Matin has set it all up.
  35. Here you go Ian, we've booked Radisson blu balmoral, doing both dasys

    TC LTD days at Spa Francorchamps Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of May 2020

    Dear Martin,

    After 14 successful editions at Spa Francorchamps, here comes the 15th edition for 2020.

    This year the event will happen on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of May 2020. That’s right, since 2015, a double whammy for this edition again!

    2 days of solid fun!

    Same format as last year; open pit lane, free professional instruction, tyre support and trackside photography. We're also aiming to be able to offer paddock support so niggly little problems won't stop you enjoying the day.

    Following an increase in the track rental fee, we had to slightly adjust our own pricing.

    The price for 1 day (Monday or Tuesday) is only £415.00.

    The price for both days (Monday and Tuesday combo) is only £789.00. Yes this is already a 5% discount no matter what!

    Please book as soon as possible by sending me an email ( as this is a popular event! To avoid any pitlane delays we are limiting the number of cars to the same level as last year, so places are limited!

    As usual, we are offering a group discount of 5% for bookings of 5 or more full places at this Spa trackday (not "additional" drivers nor passengers nor garages …).

    e.g. Monday or Tuesday only (5%): £395.00.

    e.g. Monday and Tuesday (5% + 5% = 10%): £747.00.


    Additional charges (per day):

    Garages: £220.00, Maximum 4 cars allowed (this is one F1 garage door), pre booking is possible for people who already fully paid their day. Contact Greg on
  36. That’s with Greg. 3 of us with meganes are booked for the Monday :smile:

    We are going to the ring first. When are you travelling?
  37. When do you travel ? We are getting the tunnel Saturday morning
  38. Ill be ordering some RSR soon. 245 on standard wheels kinda pushing it ?

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  39. Probably better off with some better quality tyres at the standard size. I’m running 225/40 R888r

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