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Track day recording help

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by D7DPJ, Sep 14, 2021 at 1:38 PM.

  1. Hi All,

    Cadwell coming up next week and even though track addict was really easy to use for lap timing im now wanting to record aswell.

    My current kit is a Samsung S21 Ultra, Go Pro Hero 8 and a obd2 reader.

    Whats the best app to combined all of this to have videro, lap timing overlay etc etc.

    I think track addict can do this but been struggling to setup the go pro.

    Is Harrys laptimer any good for this, not 100% sure that the Go Pro 8 works with this or not.

    But before purchasing any app I thought id ask you guys first.
  2. I need to know this too
  3. I have a GoPro 8 hero, its shite, it stops recording when it feels like it, voice command work very rarely, would then say its repairing files while i'm out on track.
    I have tried a good few different memory cards and the problem still carries on.

    I had a SJ cam SJ4000, that worked faultlessly for years, only comment i had was the sound wasn't great, that's why i bought the GoPro, i paid £29 for it.

    Wish i saved my money :rage::rage:

    As for getting an overlay on it i would also like to do that, but i presume it would need to be working 100% first.
    I can do all the overlay stuff using my phone if i want.
  4. So far I've tested the go pro on its own... quality is amazing. I then purchased harrys laptimer grand prix which is about £25 however it doesn't work well with the hero 8 or my elm327 obd2 reader. Also mega annoying you can just set a fun run and go out for a driver to test it all. I emailed Harry for a refund which he's ok'd.

    Track addict as a timer is very good, tried to add the go pro but struggled but obd2 works well. I could just start the go pro at the same time as track addict and then use race render on my computer to bring it all together. Probably my best bet so far.

    Only other option I'm thinking is to use race chrono. Looks basic but so far seems to work well. I've only got the free version so I can't add the camera yet. I can do a free 7 day trial for the pro version which is £18 after. Will try this in the next couple of days to see how it is. But as said looks promising.

    You would think that this would be easy to.do these days.

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