Tpms reciever megane rs 3 265

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  1. Hi all,here again & still having issues with my tpms system on my megane 3.Can anyone tell me where the reciever is?Replaced all sensors & had the system all set up but still its flagging up that tyre sensors are absent on the nearside.
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    I recently changed tyres on mine and they had to recalibrate the TPMS. Perhaps this is what yours needs?
  3. Little bit more deeper than that I'm afraid.It works fine for a couple of weeks then one side shows absent on 2 wheels.Done everything that can be possibly done.Showing codes & good battery life & have to disconnect the battery to reset all the time.Very frustrating.
  4. for ref the Mk III megane the sensor is self-seeking so can mix up wheels much as want it'll sort itself out

    as for your drop-out no idea have tried connecting CLIP or similar that should show up any fault
  5. On my 275 I'm pretty certain the sensors do not sort themselves out if the wheels are placed in the wrong place. The previous owner of my car had swapped the wheels front to rear to make best use of the new tyres he had fitted, but this resulted in pressure readings being incorrect front to back and a warning on the dash for low front tyre pressure. Additionally, the tyre valves are colour coded.
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    My 265 is self learning, if i swap wheels around within a mile they sort themselves out, i know this as one of my sensors isn't working and that one shows up where ever i put it.
  7. is that not correct though, if rears were at a lower pressure and you then moved them to front axel you’d expect to get a LO front warning
  8. Pressures were adjusted to the correct values for the axle they were on. I was getting a warning because it was sensing 30PSI front pressure that were in fact on the rear.

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but maybe they changed the system for last MK3's or there's something odd going on with my particular car.
  9. Has the sensor been changed by the previous owner and he fitted the wrong ones maybe? all sensor from 2009 have self learning sensors, i don't see why Renault would back track their technology, that not what OEMs do. All newer cars or version of cars need to be better than the precedent ones
  10. Clue might be in fact that sensors are colour coded something the Reno item is not
  11. Theres a sticker on the door that indicates the colour designation for each wheel, which incidentally has the diagram the wrong way round for right hand drive cars when you open the door!
  12. Well that explains why not displaying correctly but guess if know the colour to corner map then can still see correct pressure all be it a bit convoluted
  13. You can move front to back without it flagging anything up,but if you then let the rear tyre down its shows it's the front one the low.You have to set them up so that the car knows where each wheel is.
  14. I have tried everything to avoid going to renault.Moved the wheels around,changed all sensors with genuine ones & had them programmed up.Pressures are correct as it's not showing low tyre faults.Just decides to show up both nearside sensors absent about every 2 weeks.Disconnect the battery & alls good again.
  15. I guess if you're using an aftermarket system then bound to be issues, can not fit original factory sensors that the receiver is looking for ??
  16. Have same problem ! How did you fixt it ?

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