Toyota GR Yaris... interesting?

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  1. Don’t know how I missed the launch of the Toyota GR Yaris. it looks right up our street! Anyone driven one or know someone who’s driven one? In this age of electric new stuff I thought this was great as an alternative before we all become obsolete :tearsofjoy:
  2. It looks a fun little car and seems quite popular. I still think 36k seems expensive for it though.
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  3. a real rally homolagtion throw back..shares virtually nothing with a standard yaris,forged engine,ball bearing turbo,carbon roof,4wd.You need to spec the track pack though, which adds the diffs,for another 3K.I still dont think it will be as capable as the revised Civic type R,which really is a complete package for the same money.If you can get passed it looks,its all round ability is hard to beat..
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  4. Buah! Here in Spain it make crazy to all the fuelwaster! I had seen a lot of test and must to say it looks like the last chrono-braker on hillclims or B-roads. Better than a Lan-Evo or cars like that. And have to add, the price for an Evo in my country is untouchable, at least for a worker like me. For the same price of a second hand Lan-Evo, you have a GR Yaris NEW! The fun must be sure.

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  5. That you driving manu:wink:
  6. Loving that video - Thankyou M :grinning:
    Driven very well. That first corner shows it well - nice balance. sounds good too.
  7. Not me, I wish to have those hands and feet, but the reality is other!:grin::grin:
  8. It's got rave reviews but it's not for me. I think it looks best in black

    They sound crap and the interior is pretty poor. And it's a yaris. I just couldn't justify explaining to someone what it is [emoji23]

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  9. compromises have to be made to keep its cost down even to the level its at.Everything is bespoke,so you can guarentee they have lost money on every one.Its only come about,so it can be homologated to rally,which it looks like wont happen now anyhow!..But in doing this,it has brought a hell of a lot of publicity to Toyota,while boosting its stock in the hot hatch sector,which was non existant before.
  10. colleague just bought one, awaiting end lockdown to join on hoon, sure look like lot fun
  11. Well, sounds like a mower, the cabin is noisy and the driver position would be good. Is only a Yaris? So? Doesn´t mean it can´t be funny or effective. Agree with you in some parts, maybe is a car for a little circle of driver. Can´t imagine going on holidays with a family, but I think it have many other atractives. I would´t mind to have one in the parking, well, if the fucking pandemic ends sometime...
  12. ianplymouth

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    Can imagine spare parts are going expensive if everything is bespoke, maybe not just servicing parts but other part like suspension components, transmission, etc
    not just a Yaris but a toyota :openmouth:
  13. I am just interested to see the residuals.

    Hope the make enough to push the second hand values down. A nice 50% value after 3 years be good.
  14. Got my attention for sure. Tempted.
  15. A few pre rev at £38k.

    Or Dec if you want to order.

    38k is alot of money, is there a bubble to be burst?

    Alot of people with money to burn due to covid. More people richer than poorer at the mo.
  16. found this also..i have never been so busy,but all clients with bags of cash
  17. Harrys garage just done review in yaris. Loves it.

    He mentions that you Hogan only get either of the oacjs but not both, Said the type of people buying would be happy to pay the extra for bith packs.

    Also menyioned that Toyota may extend production run over original 25k planned. Be mad not to. The are a business after all. Not like its a clio Williams after all.....
  18. ...9 out of 10 will go for the track pack with the LSD`s for sure.
  19. What else Andrew? We are natural born sinner or not? :tonguewink::tonguewink:
    Yesterday I saw one parked, took a look and must to say I like it. Is smaller than I expected but like more in person. The cabin is good to me too. Personally, don´t like a dashboard with thousand buttons and lights like a carnaval. Need to test one soon!!
  20. Started seeing these on the roads. Have a Toyota main dealer about a mile away.

    Interestingly the normal Yaris is looking far more contoured these days with near identical wheel arches to GR & despite being a 4 dr the rear handles look a little hidden.

    Front bumper air intake is most differentiating feature now.

    I guess that's the Halo effect....
  21. Picked one up couple weeks ago and certainly not disappointed, zorst was bit on quiet side so tossed one many aftermarket system available on now it’s what it professes to be a good fun drivers car
  22. Pretty sure the wheel base is similar sized to the Impreza. Hopefully this sparks interest in other manufacturers going the same route
  23. Time sindiw is harrowing for combustiin engined cars.

    I don't see there being anything properly new after 2025. Only just evolutions of existing models.
  24. I've hooned with one and at least sat in one.

    Against it is that:

    Its a £33k 'fun car'
    The seating position is high but the coupe like roof really makes it feel very claustrophobic inside
    The pax seat is higher and at 5'10" I was looking down under the leading edge of the roof!

    The media are going nuts over it but some do now say that the steering feel isn't great. Apart from that it's all very positive.

    Incredibly it is lighter than an R26 even with 4WD!
  25. Doubtful. Toyota's reason for this car was to use in the WRC but the rules changed so they can't enter it now!
  26. Yaris gr wheel base 2560mm
    Impreza wheel base, 2005, 2520mm
    Impreza 2007 wheel base, 2620mm

    There you go. It's the same size as an Impreza.

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  27. In addition, the Yaris GR weighs up to 1387kg and the 2005 impreza, 1344kgs.

    if you ask me, this is a subaru impreza that looks like a hatch back. We had these cars in the 90's and naughties and no one really made a fuss, they just bought lots of them
  28. I think the 2005 sti is just under 1500kg. 90s cars much lighter nearer 1200. I thought the yaris was under 1300.

    I think they have done well on weight. Looks smaller as no overhangs whereas impreza has boot sticking out.

    I think its the trick diffs that makes it different from recent vag Hadlex. But sti and Evo had that over 20 years ago.
  29. I used Google and multiple websites came up with the figures I quoted, but still, it's not really a Yaris. It's the size of an Impreza with a Yaris body kit
  30. 1280 weight for the yaris from toyotas yaris gr selling page..wheelbase is what you said.
  31. So an impreza. I love how gullible the UK population of motorists are
  32. Good road test on "Harry's Garage" on u Tube. Interesting car, but at that price.....noooooooo!
  33. I found myself looking at a 2010 JDM STI R205. £30k.

    This is in theory similar tech & power to weight.

    But new with a 5 year warranty.

    Waiting list is mad now anyway. Not sure if they will ever drop in price. So in theory near free motoring.

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