torquensteins Megane RS250

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  1. Thanks, they are great wheels. I use a 245 tyre with them and find that works well. There is a screw at the top of the rear wheel arches that I had to remove as the wheels would rub otherwise but there is no rubbing now. It is difficult to say whether they make a difference on track as I have never used the same tires on both the standard wheels and the Braids. The weight is approx 9.8kg.
  2. Haha this is true! I still need to source the red graphic for the front :tearsofjoy:
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  3. Love the wheels mate. Think you have convinced me to go for the Braid's when i look to upgrade my standard wheels
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  4. Tex


    Car looks great! Got a link or more info on that gear knob?
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  5. Thanks man, check out @manugtt 's project thread for the ebay link and some more fitting pics.
  6. Thanks, they are a great option.
  7. Your car looks awesome,, do you have a link for this gear knob please
  8. Other member more to the black elegant knob club??:tonguewink::tonguewink:
  9. Haha they're getting popular! You should be on commission :tearsofjoy:
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