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Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Chris79, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Looking at doing a trackday at thruxton as it's pretty much the most local track to me. Issue maybe that the noise limit is 90db so wondering if others have gone there without noise issues? Car is R26 with ktec sports cat and stainless exhaust if that helps? Any info appreciated. Cheers
  2. I have been there, 225 with 3inch decat, scorpion non res exhaust and i got through, the old boy that does the noise testing is very realistic, he only stopped one car from going out on the day.
  3. Sounds promising mate, thanks for the info. Think I'll give it a go then. Will be my first track day in 10 years, the 200sx and rx7 always got pulled for noise back then so my biggest concern now is noise! Mind you they were putting out 107 and 110db respectively
  4. NJH


    There are 90 dBs and then there are Thruxton 90 dBs.

    If it helps my R26 on stock exhaust he tells me is something like 81 dB. I can't believe its that quiet but perhaps it is. The general trend there is that if you are close he will help you over the line. The getting old joke is the prediction that you will read 89 dB. Frankly its staggering how many peoples cars end up at 89 dB.

    Its my favourite track in the country for many reasons, the super chilled out attitude there being one of them.
  5. When I was there a couple of weeks ago they didn’t even do testing...
    But of all the tracks I go to thruxton always reads the lowest...when they actually do test
  6. Nice one lads. Will book up the 28th of this month. Cheers
  7. Hi Chris
    My stock R26 was measured at 81db's today at Thruxton
    Good Luck for the 28th.

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