R26 Throttle position sensor?

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  1. Earlier I drove the car for about half an hour, the first minute of which it was being weird. It was like the car was changing throttle position ever so slightly although my foot was perfectly stationary. It stopped after I'd left the village and up to 60 and didn't return. I'm at a loss. :confused:
  2. Don't know if it's related but mine sometimes after putting the clutch in the revs only drop to 1100rpm rather than the normal 800 on idle but when the car stops moving completely it drops back down to normal
  3. This wasn't idling. This was driving at slow speed.
  4. Both of you clean your throttle body first step might be a bit sticky
  5. Is there anything I should do first? (disconnect battery necessary for fly by wire throttle?)
    i have a feeling I'll be missing my old BM. Damn transverse engines!
  6. Yeah disconnect the battery.
  7. Dan@519

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    If its cold and you're driving at around where fast/cold idle would be, it may be coming in and out of idle control.
  8. did you ever solve this? I ask as mine is doing EXACTLY the same

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