250 Throttle body failure

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  1. Hey guys,

    anybody had one of these going out on their mk3 megane? I got a check engine + limp mode the other day while driving, then my mechanic hooked up the computer and showed a P2100 - Throttle Actuator "A" Control Motor Circuit / Open error.

    Upon checking the position of the pedal when pressed, the problem was intermittent and showed that the pedal was not even pressed some time.

    The car also does starts and because of the low idle dies some time (probably wrong position of the hatch).

    Is there anything else i should be checking over before replacing the throttle body? The cable coming towards the throttle body and the connector seem fine. Seems like a potentiometer problem, is there one in the pedal as well? Is there anything else i can do with it (dissasemble, clean it, etc.)?

    Also i have another question regarding the replacement part:

    The original part mounted is 8200793841
    The original part mounted on a 190hp 2.0Tce is 8200794258

    Both of these share the same replacement part which is 161205437R

    Is it safe to beleive the part is the same (by the looks of the photos and some pages that list the item they appear to be), and its just a case of a different orig part number because of the engine difference?

    Thank you for all your help guys, hopefully i placed this in the right thread :smile:

    Cheers, Anže


  2. this is rare but saw two cases last year and both were throttle pedal circuit track failure, the pedal itself is couple mins swap just two bolts and multi pin connector.

    Have seen s/h pedals very cheap not sure if there's once fitted a re-learning procedure for ECU
  3. Great, thank you :smile: I'll look into this as well. Any chance of a part number for the pedal?
  4. Found it, no need. Is there any way to check if its the pedal to be sure? Is there a potentiometer in the pedal assembly itself?
  5. sure is pot in peddle as its fly-by-wire system and would need CLIP to diagnose if its pedal pot or throttle body at fault, but guessing pedal
  6. Not sure on the megane but some manufacturers use hall effect sensors which mean you can't just check the resistance change for each of the two circuits as the pedal is actuated from off to full
  7. have you fix this i got same fault 2 days ago

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