The Yellow Duck - Trophy 265

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  1. that's how better black matches than gray on a yellow car

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  2. I have the same tyres for now, don´t know you but I hate there!:sweatsmile:
  3. 23d36215166aa70a5a284d879f6bbed9.jpg
    The final result , love the black on yellow combo.

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  4. Black looks so much better
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  5. IMG_9270.jpg IMG_9292.PNG IMG_9293.PNG IMG_9294.PNG IMG_9295.jpg well, after a looooong break ( and due to COVID-19 ) I finally managed to install the new seats in Meggy.. Day and night difference. in terms of colours and interior matching in general.
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  6. Well, I guess we can call it a "mission completed" day, after my first ever Nordschleife lap in Meggy. The only thing I could say is: KW Clubsport/AST 5100 and a set of Nankang AR-1.

    Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 15.56.48.png
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  7. Really enjoyed that thread mate. Read everything!
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  8. I really like the seats. How much did it cost for the re trim.
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  9. around 900 euro for both. This company did it... They are quite the professionals ...
  10. Thanks mate, for now i think this progress/build/story will stop here, since i don't really plan to use the car in a different way or upgrade further things. Right now it's on the perfect balance, before it starts to become unreliable. stock turbo, stock clutch... i would say are the "magic" words NOT to be changed... once you go that line... more money will start knocking at your door... :smiley:
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  11. well, after the N-ring weekend , the itching for semi slicks became bigger.... soo......

    Nankang AR-1 = 235/40 R18 ... I know they suck in rain and wet like my NS-2R, but in the dry they are superb.. and the price is... well one of the best on the market... I got them from this website...

    Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 11.18.53.png Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 11.19.32.png

  12. For real, tyres are like colors, to each likes one different. In my case, don´t like the NS2R a bit. I bought the car with these I can´t wait the day to change!:grin: But you´re right, the price is very good.
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  13. 89D1C0E4-84E5-467F-A3EE-736933719D7A.JPG 7F64CBC8-9BAC-4753-AD5D-F073B65932AE.JPG Screenshot 2020-09-12 at 01.06.39.png Well, the AR1 are under the car after a looong and painful removal of the NS-2R, which were sticked to the rim in a ridiculous way... ( 2 years and some track days + many spirited drives ). I went on a corner I know very good, and tried the new tires lateral G grip compared to before. Same car, same driver, very similar time and weather conditions + same entry speed ( it's a light hairpin right corner which I was able to take with a lateral G of 0,5 - 0,7 when the NS-2R were new. Now.... 1G no problem what so ever. I think on a higher speed corner these tires can generate 1,2 -1,3 lateral G, which for this car and chassis is just enough ! ....
    the grip level of the AR1 is a different ball game...
  14. That the way to test the upgrades man! I´m glad you´re right with the change.
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  15. 100-200 km/h best time from last night.... That's all we got :smile:

  16. I've totally missed the post of the Recaro's, that's a good improvement! Too bad I didn't see you on the Nordschleife, would have been fun to have a lap together. What's the iPhone app you've used for the speed-time measurement?
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  17. Yeah, I'm happy with the seats as well :smile: the app is racebuddy

    Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 18.22.44.png
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