The Yellow Duck - Trophy 265

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Mish View, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. ianplymouth

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    Come on them Jamie, link please :laughing:

    Time for the next phase for me over winter :sunglasses:
  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    57-51mm 90 degree hose, Mine came from ASH but samco etc do them as well
  3. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    okay cheers
  4. The GT Performance Turbo Intake Pipe comes with an intercooler-turbo pipe, for £90 delivered on eBay, on my shopping list!
  5. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    got that on my watch list as well :laughing:
  6. I'm sure i can, it's just a silicone pipe, but I just wanted to order it fast and place it in the car even faster, cause mine was leaking baad, and all the oil fumes were all over the camshaft cover ... :wink:
  7. Since, it looks like spring is here already. ( Belgium ), I thought why not change my rear discs/pads. Went for DS2500 pads from GT performance in France, and OEM Brembo slotted discs ( 290mm ) from UK shop on Ebay.

    - as most of you know how to change them, I would just stress out the small stuff..

    Don't forget to lubricate the pistons on the caliper with grease. don't forget to clean the small metal shapes that sit on the brake pads inside the caliper.

    Don't forget to bed in the pads since, that's the best way to get 100% braking performance.

    Some pictures:

    857ab8c2f5cff60dcf593c940922ff18.jpg ff3cd6ab578ff346375f14e781460bb2.jpg 6594b8691b2157f95a07311a40dd87ca.jpg c211972257d2a1681898938a2e7fb80e.jpg de8f4f6bf31653454ea2ff170296aa8d.jpg 6dac509a2b1376a9b038569328c6cac6.jpg
  8. Since, Trophy is the name, let it be without rear seats :smiley:.....

    IMG_1757.JPG IMG_1758.JPG
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  9. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Where did you get your plastic bits for your steering wheel or are they painted?
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  10. They are the OEM ones re-painted in matte black.. combined with the black alcantara wheel looks imo quite good. Better than the glossy ones everyone is getting, a la “trophy-R”

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  11. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the gloss ones. I'm going to have to paint mine, I've painted my vents and they look pretty much the same as yours so will get them to match. I have seen some OEM ones that come in that colour though but Renault won't supply them separately.
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  12. Today, went for a budget solution a la “Trophy-R”
    As for the cargo net.

    Has the same effect but some 400 £ cheaper ...

    Some pictures:

    07fb248e0f9b00e1cdb23c25a82ed1a3.jpg 9fcb5ee6ceb3f5658a26ec3e2e6d7374.jpg

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  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I can supply the genuine Sabelt nets for £160, bit extra for postage to Europe :wink:
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  14. Time to wake up the topic with some fresh upgrades:

    brake lines from pro-line motorsport....


    24eb4d7eb8f110d9ac9b78d58ff51af5.jpg dff8a48de5acdc8dcd6942c201581418.jpg

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  15. A rather pointless picture of the front brake lines, but considering its 27°C outside, i don’t fancy removing the wheel :smile: for a full one, so the lazy version :smile:

    Bleeding planned for next week.


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  16. Today was bleeding day :smile: ... brake fluid changed with OEM Renault DOT 5.1 , with higher wet/dry boiling point than Motul 660. Brake pedal feel is amazing, firm and direct. Kudos to Pro-Motorsport for the brake lines. A must do upgrade for track day guys. And another pointless picture of the vacuum pomp, pushing the air outside the lines/abs circuits.


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  17. Considering i will replace the battery with a lighter one and swap the seats for pole position ones, this is a decent weight i guess ? (Half tank full )

    621ed796970540b6d13ef6c2a164ef25.jpg 9b5303c5cf7c1d5cad8f308d9250f2c1.jpg

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  18. Today the horse stable was arranged :smile:

    Thanks to Charlie from CGR automotive for the net bar and Jamie for the Sabelt net and for the instructions too :smile:

    p.s. Plastics remain in place, only seatbelts are going away, and the wholes are being used to attach the bar .

    Some steps in pictures:

    0d5f6d4491084f610ebb68c3f4215f55.jpg 011625a071217e18e1e07fefb939e9ea.jpg 16535ed865d0b5d5b75c04f8c74f5388.jpg df1e93ec59b10fa66c3de4f7b787d796.jpg 96cf9a3a495931477a33c5a00cb56108.jpg e2b7baf344037aa9c92d2cbb68a77866.jpg b5564bf53e2f538b743aca86da7dbeb9.jpg

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  19. I've got exactly the same kit (CGR bar & Sabelt net) and it's great! Now you can use the boot again :-D
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  20. Today, the first alignment was done. Rear was perfect, front right was a bit off. Now the steering is perfectly straight.
    The most right are the new references. Maybe could help to someone who has trouble with alignment :wink:


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  22. Hey mate,

    I took one picture which should be clear.. im basically putting them at the end of the big control arm under the car it’s where the bolt meets the chassis. 6d46c5fe7cea306f67a0890b1fd11e19.jpg

    8b04fd5cbee3ff61dac9d9d31c76567e.jpg And in the meantime , rs logo removed from the back.. way cleaner than before :smile:

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  23. Panel filter fitted, tomorrow ...REMAP TIME :smile: ...
    Will post results here :wink:


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  24. Where will you get the remap?
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  25. Dekker Motorsport in Hoorn ( NL ) @ Tuur Dekker
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  26. Megane Trophy Remap DK.jpg So the numbers :

    The turbo pressure numbers are added by me, for a reference point. The turbo actuator can't take more longer, so at the top end the pressure is obviously going down. Still at middle range the pull is .... really really addictive

    .... Further the car feels just completely different. Amazing throttle response. Fast pulls at any gear. Little to none turbo lag. For all Renault owners, Dekker Motorsport is the place to be :smile:
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  27. Since we now have the power, let’s strip some weight.

    The Recaro OEM are 27* KG each ! - *the wooden plate on the picture is like 200-300 grams.

    The Pole Positions are 7 kg per seat :wink:

    My calculations show a difference of 30kg all together.... ( frames, runners, side mounts ) compared to stock Recaro’s




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  28. while waiting for KTR frames/runners/sidemounts to install this window upgrade.

    this is probably the single most important upgrade for least 10 to 15 hp more :smile: :smile::smile:

  29. How have found the short shifter since fitting it ?
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  30. I like it a lot. the changes are very quick, and the feeling is race car-ish :smile: the only bad part is removing the battery tray cause of all the bolts and bits..
  31. in the meantime, KTR frames, rails, recaro side mounts came and are ready to be place tomorrow. ( only driver's side for now )..

    No extra drillings is needed, everything bolts on directly.

    The side mounts are 580gr each.

    d017095cccdce1991230441c92a13381.jpg b30f24470fa19cbab75be1e16b0b9328.jpg d11ffc40b08c9bb966b65f9754e2afb8.jpg 439b1dc7311e0e8fc304e95ae9b4f2b7.jpg

  32. Had it gave better gear change feel? Has it taken away some of the notchy’nes ? Made feel more positive ?
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  33. yes, change feel is more direct and obviously shorter as well. depends if you are tracking your car or not, maybe for a daily driving one is not so interesting, but once on the track, it makes sense :smile:
  34. After doing a full track day in France 3 weeks ago, some funny pics of consumption and brake pads wear ( EBC yellow stuff ) , which are really garbage :worried: , thanks to Jamie for the advise, DS uno in the front, ds2500 in the back... day and night difference....
  35. 1DF7A152-92E8-4903-BE30-A0B7DBA55C95.JPG IMG_3869.JPG Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 01.29.18.png Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 01.29.12.png
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  37. Let's wake up this topic a bit : I had the pole positions for quite a while now, but could not like them less, with every day passing by. too firm , cheap looking , cracking and not comfortable ( no adjustment at all ), so I've sold them, and had put back the OEM CS sportsters. Now, since the oem recaros are wearing off quite bad, it's time to refresh them with new textile. I will be going for full cloth material , with the renault sport logo gone, and the recaro one in yellow leather ... show me some other options im not thinking about. the idea is the color combo to remain the same , with a bit stronger attention to the yellow accents IMG_6723.jpg
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  38. Nice Meg!! I love these projetcs. As you, I was a weigh sick with my Gt Turbo, what did 803kg. with 160hp, you can´t imagine so funny was!
    Following the thread!!
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  39. 803 kg ??? this is crazy , i can imagine it's quite fast now :smiley: ... It's a good moment to address some little changes as of today regarding the wheels :smile:
  40. Like I mentioned , I'm waiting for my Recaro seats to arrive back , so the gray wheels could use some black plastidip spray...

    1: Clean the wheels as good as you can.
    2: Dry them perfectly. ( use an air gun if you have one, it's easier and you can get the last drops of water trapped in between some tight areas)
    3: tape around the rim itself, so you don't spray unnecessary rubbber-paint on the tyre.
    4: Have patience and wait 5-6 min in between each coat. I did 8 hands ( coats ) in total.
    5: Let it dry properly and enjoy your new black wheel. 1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG

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