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  1. Bought the missus a new motor for her birthday, she had a 1.2 Fiesta which she hated in the snow. We tried a high mile TT quattro which she loved, but wanted something big.. So we looked at 4x4's and settled on this!

    It's the only photo I've got on my phone, a week after we got it I locked both sets of keys, and our dogs on the boot. Oops.
  2. Nice Chelsea tractor ????
  3. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    check you Rockafeller!
  4. Daz


    That's a bit of a change from a fezzer!
  5. I don't honestly get why it's a good car. We live in Nottingham, I'm in IT, Jen's not a WAG, we have no need to go off road. It's sh!te on fuel (av 26mpg) and is pretty slow.
  6. We had RRovers when I was a chauffeur you have a extended warranty?
  7. Yeah, 3 years of it, alloy wheel cover the lot. Idea is to keep it 3 years and poss change in to a newly released one when they're 3 years old.

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