The new Megane RS range

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  1. The Megane is more an R.S.-style Estate, than the other way around. Only gets the boring engines and setup, so not a "proper" R.S. I liked the old, more simple rear lights better, too. :tongueout:
  2. I almost bought a new Trophy for very good price(a good friend works in Renault factory), but it has too many technology for me. A tactile screen, dynamic sound, 5 driving modes!!:flushed::flushed::flushed:(and your chosen one, can´t keep preset, always start in "confort" mode), lights colors in door panels and in the cabin, I don´t know man...I want a car, not a wash machine. To be honest, I´d test one and run real good, very efficient in the corners to be so fat and good response in the engine, not than direct like the MK3 RS, but decent. But finally prefer the more basic RS250 one, even it was used.
    Sorry if my opinion make offense, not my intention at all! All my words are written from respect.
  3. To be fair i prefer the Mk2 megane shape, i just thought the hybrid system is an interesting thing as usually you get a lot more power because of the elctric motor, looking at the mercedes e250 for example, its a rocket compared to the standard mercedes C250,
    an estate is long awaited i think, at the moment only ford does a focus ST estate, not a real Sportcar i know but handy for a family man who like fast road driving now and again when he is alone in the car and you still have all the luggage space for the family. Ford Focus estate ST sold in high number in the uk.

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