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Discussion in 'General Automotive & Motorsport Media' started by Flames, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Ricciardo to Renault for 2019 .
  2. I was really surprised by this news. I mean Renault are doing an amazing job but aren’t up there with the very top teams. I always imagined him taking the second seat at Ferrari or Mercedes.

    Maybe behind the scenes things aren’t so good at his current team, or he isn’t happy partnering Max, but Renault seems like a backward move to me from Redbull.

    So either ricciardo is making a mistake or he knows something we don’t and Renault are heading a special few years to come. Hopefully the latter!
  3. 1. to a works team
    2. more money
    3. unsure of Honda
    4. tough job with Maxy in the team

    Shows intent from Renault pulling this off
    Be interesting to see who wins a race first after this season, DR or MV.

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