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  1. I apologise if there is a thread on here but i am very passionate about my F1, i usually try to get to 6 races each year and have done since 1984. I have seen so much sport it sticks in my memory especially the Prost V senna rivalry.

    So delete if there is one but i am sure there are many fans of it on here..


    Lets start half way through the 2014 season.
    what a battle it's going to be or is with hamilton and Rosberg, i think the winner will come down to whoever has DNF's and hamilton has had the short straw so far. I think that Nico is the brains but Lewis is the driver but i did go off lewis with his kiddy like behaviour after Monaco and realised he had not matured at all. here is a question
    For 3 races now Lewis's pit stops have been much slower than nico's . He says it might be the way he lines up but i see nothing wrong with that at all ....Conspiracies?
  2. I'm also an F1 fan and think that with the amount of non finishes for lewis hell struggle to win this year. Nico has had the better luck but I still think the performance of lewis will out do him.

    As for conspiracies with pit stops I haven't paid that much attention but I do think there was something fishy with Monaco and nico reversing back onto the circuit to close out qualifying. Tbh most drivers would have complained about it.

    it the most interesting season for a while now but it is dominated by Mercedes i just hope its a fight to the end between the two drivers
  3. I don't like F1 so much, but I am Robert Kubica fan. However I am going to Silverstone next week.
  4. Kubica is not racing this year mainly due to injury.
    the issue with Lewis is in a close shoot out he wrecks the tyres quicker than nico but i agree is a better driver. Although i will say this that im my view watching alonso all his career he is the best driver on the track but just keeps picking wrong teams at wrong times. At first i thought Vettel was still a world champion without his winning car over the years but i am having slight doubts now. A four times world Champion who can claim he really is that good should be doing better in a car that does not quite cut the mustard and with riccardo getting on the podium it can't be the car can it but the driver. Vettel was always good on the qualifying lap but he is woeful now. I genuinly think he has a sence of 'could not be bothered' in his body language this year'.
  5. I've not been able to watch many of the races this year so not kept up with it all.. alhough the turbo cars sound awesome!
  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'm a big F1 fan, This has been one of the best seasons in a long time now that we don't have the RBR domination. Saying that i am a Vettel fan and really want to see him in a reliable car so we can actually see what he is made off and whether it was the car for the last 4 years that won the championships.

    Hamilton is the best driver on the grid at the moment, no doubting that, Whether or not he is strong enough mentally to overcome his issues and the mind games that the other drivers, Nico in particular,are playing remains to be seen.

    Second half of the season after the summer break is going to be interesting for sure, Don't expect it to be the dominance that we have seen so far from Mercedes.
  7. This season has been interesting, but Mercedes have stormed ahead and kinda done a red bull this season, so hopefully the other teams will pick up the pace and manage to close the gap in the second half of the season, making it a more exciting...

    Managed to squeeze another holiday in and made it along to the Catalunya GP. Was good seeing Vettel taking a temper tantrum after his car broke down during qualifying.
    Also found the Marussia to be the best sounding car, with loads of compressor chatter, etc.

    On a slightly off topic F1 related question: anyone own or seen the price of the aqua green Lewis Hamilton flat brim caps???
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The Green Hamilton hats are mental priced, They were a limited run of 300 for the Malaysian GP though IIRC
  9. Yeah iv seen 1 at Barcelona airport, but cant seem to get one under £160!!! I dont mind spending a little extra, but £124 mark up is ridiculous!
    I have 5 grey ones though. Lol
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Plenty replica's if you don't want to spend well over £100 on a hat LOL

    My mate has a real one that he paid over £150 for, I bought a replica that looks 90% like the real thing for £20 LOL!
  11. Where did you get the replica????
    i would be scared to wear a real green one incase i lost it. Lol
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Yeah his is on display with the rest of his F1 Memorabilia.

    I got mine off eBay but i just had a look and i can't seem to find any more
  13. Anybody is going to Silverstone tomorrow?
  14. Just watched qualifying, Hamilton lost the championship today. What an idiot.
  15. Depends on how he finished today nut yeah can't believe he messed up yesterday's quali
  16. Ash87

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    If Ham has a first lap like Austria then its not all over.

    Hope Jenson has a great race, everything crossed for him.
  17. Agreed, if he finished ahead of nico I think he'll be back on track, assuming they get a 1 2. If not I can't help but feel he won't recover.

    But hope JB gets on the podium too
  18. Don't forget double points at the end of the season! There is a long way to go!
  19. What a race loving it, hope the merc can last to the end. Sweet role reversal for Rosberg :tongueout:
  20. Had some money on Hamilton to win and have fastest lap @ 10/1 - looking good so far
  21. I suppose good fortune did come into it. Would Hamilton have caught nico if he didn't breakdown. Who know. At least the championship is alive again
  22. Hamilton was lapping a second a lap quicker than Rosberg before his gearbox went! So yes he would of caught him eventually! Come on Hamilton!!
  23. Alonso with the fine art of puting a car in the right place at the right time :tongueout:
    some class driving from both Alonso and Botas, needed at least 2 more laps for Button to get on the podium
  24. I went to Silverstone today but I think F1 is better to watch on TV than being on a circuit. I think whole that experience is not so much exciting. Cars are quite quiet, and their speed is perceived rather "slower" then it is. Drivers are separated from the public. Action is also too far from spectators, it is difficult to take pictures if you have basic "General Admission" tickets which are quite pricey anyway. I really prefer WRC and WRX: better show, better access and more emotions for less money.
  25. bdkvua.jpg


  26. 33yj6uq.jpg

  27. [h=1]McLaren to announce drivers on Thursday[/h]The question I want to know is, how the hell did Big Ron get back in charge? It seems him and him alone is responsible for the appalling treatment of Button in all this.

    When McLaren were fined iirc $50million in the spygate episode, it was made clear that Dennis had to leave or they would be fined again $150million and basically that would continue until they ceased to exist. Same thing happened with Flav at Benetton and he's still kept away.

    I've never been much of a Button fan but this is clearly wrong; he's a World Champion. McLaren have lost a huge amount of respect over this but I suppose that doesn't bother Ronald too much.
  28. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I don't think that McLaren themselves have actually said that the press conference is definitely to announce the drivers. Everyone is just assuming that. It could also to be announce that Ron Dennis is leaving after he failed to raise the funding for the share options he had to take in order to keep his position as chairman.
  29. They said on the Sky commentary that Boullier thinks Button just doesn't have enough outright speed, which is slightly silly when he's just hammered his team mate, beat Hamilton over 3 seasons at Mclaren and won a world title. Ok he isn't the fastest over a single lap, but give him the car and he'll produce the goods.
  30. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Ron Dennis wants Magnussen, The rest or the majority of the board are keen to keep JB
  31. It is good that from season 2016 F1 drivers need to be 18 years old. Otherwise they soon would look for drivers in reception class (Sainz junior and Verstapen).
  32. 16 years in the same job, man from Frome is doing well.
  33. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Indeed, best choice as well IMO.

    I think 2015 may be his last season though, With Magnussen potentially replacing him
  34. And that's IMO fair enough. At least he gets to know so can weigh up his options early, and the fans get to see him in a 'send-off' season.

    Can't help thinking that there's more behind this that we don't yet know though.
  35. there has to be something else to this and I can't help think Alonso has something to do with it. Maybe button wanted equal status as team mates but Alonso wants to be put in 1st driver seat.

    Look back to 2007 and wonder how Alonso has been invited back??
  36. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Button has ties with Honda, That has to be the main reason, Or one of them anyway that he got the seat.
  37. Possibly The reason why he ended up with the seat but in terms of maclaren messing him about I was thinking that Alonso may have had something to say about it. After all maclaren and button are both British.

    still don't get why maclaren have resigned Alonso after 2007 tho. He may be rated as one of the best but come on.
  38. Button's new deal is for 2 years not just one. Great news as there's every chance next season will be a transitional one for Mclaren, with Mercedes again well out in front until the other teams get it together for 2016.
  39. [​IMG]

    I'm curious what livery Renault Sport F1 will run in 2016 for their return. Liked the 2010 version.
  40. ^ they've already said it will be a yellow and black livery, similar to the '10 car.

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