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  1. Hi Guys
    Just had my renewal for the 265 and :openmouth:

    Best price i have so far is £390, i'm old :astonished: lots of no claims, no accidents or convictions, social only 7500 miles, no power mods.

    In comparison, my Mercedes SL55 500hp 200mph car, 3 years no claims, is only £220

    Who is using who to insure, i am at the moment with Greenlight.
    Any help please :blush:
  2. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    i normally try these

    sky insurance
    keith Michaels
  3. Yeah the above
  4. I have tried the top two already £420 and £440 :dizzy:
  5. Hi,
    Adrian Flux, you can add track day insurance on as well.
  6. just use the search engines like money have always managed to lower my premium,when insurance companys try it on.
  7. I'm with ERS through flux.

    2011 250rs, social & commute, 8k p/yr and all mods declared. (310bhp, coilovers, alloys, buckets stripped 310hp etc)

    I'm 25 with 2yr ncb & one claim in 2015 and my policy is £580 which I think is really good!
  8. Yep, I always try various companies, but comparison sites work out best for me, then I check that insurer seperately. Of course the costs change when you alter your excess, my total excess is £150.

    My insurance for a lightly moded car is £305, down from last year. Will be £30 less when I get the cashback from one of those cashback sites.
  9. Adrian Flux is the cheapest so far, probably because i told them the best price i had, trouble is that Flux are so so pushy to get you to accept there quote, if i can't beat Greenlights by a decent amount i will stay with them.
  10. But yours is quite standard isn't it
  11. last time i used a comparison website was for my 225, best and only price was £10,800 :sob::sob::sob:
  12. Have you tried all the comparison sites?
  13. Expensive last time doesnt mean that they will be expensive this time.
  14. I'll give them a go :laughing:
  15. Compare best price £592
    Money super market best price £854
    Confused £251 :astonished: will give the company a call in the morning
  16. That is a big difference between sites. They were all fairly similar when I used the various sites to compare.
  17. better than the £10k plus than last time :laughing::laughing:
  18. Car insurance is a postcode lottery
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  19. Yep, postcodes are one of the things that make a difference
  20. I've never had any joy from the so called enthusiast insurers like Flux, Sky and Brent. All have quoted significantly more than the mainstream insurers for me in the past.
  21. Try Greenlight Insurance if you are thinking of doing trackdays. I used to pay £380 a year with e-sure for just road driving.
  22. This is why you need to try as many as possible. Folk can suggest who they are with, but that might not work for someone else.
  23. I'm with these at the moment
  24. Well a search on the comparison websites kept coming up with LV insurance, my Mercedes is with them, my wifes car is with them, so a quick call confirming all the upgrades are on the list and price confirmed at £251 result :laughing::laughing:
  25. there you go.
    Some say to finalize buying stuff like insurance and holdiays etc on a different computer,
    as the companys know you are looking for such things when searching,and hike the price up.

    People say they can save a lot by using this method..
  26. £224 with hastings , 47 yr old with full no claims
  27. £224 with hastings , 47 yr old with full no claims
  28. £224 with hastings , 47 yr old with full no claims
  29. You will need to run it by the guys marking out the track to see if they are happy to leave room for a kids area. It will need to be a safe distance from the seniors.
  30. Chris Knott, no reason to believe any cheaper than others
    guess as stated all about post code

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