TFD rack bush help.

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  1. Just fitted one of these to my R26, and I'd like to hear from anyone that has had one fitted for a while.
    The steering now has a fairly loud creaking/groaning as I turn the wheel. The new bush seems to be too tight and is causing a lot of stiction.
    Anyone else had this? I'm thinking of taking it back out and sanding the bore a fraction.

  2. Had that on my 225, turned out to be the shaft inside was rusty, water had got in somehow, so i changed the steering rack in the end. (after market one)
  3. Not sure if mine is like that, looked OK when I fitted the bush.
    I drove the car this morning, had been -4 over night and there was no noise, after driving for a while the noise came back. As everything warmed up and expanded.
  4. I haven't got mine on the road yet, but before I changed the bush, I could easily move the rack by pulling/pushing the steering arms. Now the new bush is in, it's quite stiff to move the rack.

    I assume the bush was that knackered everything was just loose.

    I did grease everything up and check for water damage which seems quite common.
  5. I put plenty of silicone grease on mine too. It's a very small amount too tight, making the steering a bit heavier and the noise in my case. After driving it for a week now, I'm defiantly going to take it back out and enlarge.
  6. Right, so I took the bush back out and sanded the inside surface. Solved the problem. The steering is back to normal now. The heavy, stiff feeling is gone along with the noises. I can feel the road surface through the wheel again.
  7. Thinking mine might be too tight too.

    I'll check the swivel bearings, but my steering seems quite tight and a bit awkward when changing directions. The steering doesn't seem to self centre when I let go of the steering wheel and instead holds the position I put it in.
  8. swivel bearings 100% if the steering is not self centering.
  9. I had the hubs off and everything was moving freely, but I did have the wheel bearings changed and I noticed of the swivel casings had moved so I am concerned it's been damaged.

    I'll have a good look this week.
  10. If you disconnect the track rod end from the hub, you can feel if the swivel bearings are too tight or not. Isolate the two systems. While both sides are disconnected, turn the steering wheel (engine off) and feel for stiffness in the rack.
  11. Haven't had chance to take anything apart for a closer look yet, but I did go out in the car last night and it does seem to be easing.

    Might wait to get a few miles on it before I start stripping things, could be the new bush needs a little bit of bedding in as even now, it wouldn't have covered any more than 50 miles.
  12. So I had a minor issue with the O/S swivels but nothing major. I cleaned them up and got them moving silky smooth again.

    Put a few more miles on it tonight and it definitely seems to be easing so I think the new bush is just a little tight.

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