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Teesside Autodrome Track Evening - 17th September 2018

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by dan4291, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Got my 250 Cup out on track for the first time, was also my first ever track action in a car I've owned. Went to Teesside Autodrome in Middlesbrough for a track evening they had on. It's normally a kart track (biggest kart track in Europe I think) but they run track sessions for cars on parts of it too. My 250 is completely stock, including stock pads and fluid and 6 month-old Michelin PS4 tyres, so wasn't expecting much from it, but still got a few decent laps in. Really enjoyed it though, and the car was so good, aside from the brakes, will definitely be upgrading to better pads and fluid, but good to see how it is as stock.

    Anyway, I took a few videos so feel free to watch, comment, laugh if you like!


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