R26 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

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  1. Are these the go to after market wheels for less weight than the standard wheels?
    If so where’s best place to get them and is there a specific fit I need to specify for my R26?
    Thanking you in advance
  2. Hi Eddie,

    I bought some last year, great wheels in my opinion and a perfect fit. I went for the 45 offset compared to the standard wheels 67 offset, and they really fill the arches perfectly without having to use spacers.
    The best place I found to buy them from was Demon Tweeks, got a good discount and were delivered free within about 3 days.
    The fit you need is 18", 5×108, ET 45.
    Hope this helps,


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  3. Nice one buddy. Yea I was looking on DT and was bewildered by the options lol. Like they do finance aswell.
    So 67 is the standard?
    Also it asks for a width inch measurement - again no clue. :-/
  4. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    8Jx18 usually, unless due to smaller offset you might get away with 8.5J to 9J width, if someone who can confirm this
  5. I went for the 8" width, running 235/40/18 NS2R's on them..... Perfect! Yep, ET 67 is standard.

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  6. Cheers for the info fellas.
  7. Ok on Demon Tweeks it has an offset option of 35,40 + 45.
    Again no clue. Just want standard. Is that 35?
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  9. And I’m not fussed about looks - I want the best handling. Is that still the 45s buddy?
  10. Yes go for the et45 ones
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  11. Cheers buddy.
    Had my Corbeau clubsports fitted yesterday. They’re er rather flexible lol
  12. I had some of them, didn't think mine were too bad, the ones in my mk3 are a lot better, but i have them on sliders so they tend to move slightly.
  13. Hi Eddie, where did you have your seats fitted, and any issues with airbag warning lights etc? I've got a Sparco seat I need fitting as I'm a bit reluctant to do it myself due to the electrical side of things!

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  14. Alex White in Essex did my seats. He currently does all me Megane stuff. He sorted the airbag light. Where are you based?
  15. Based right on the South East Coast in Kent. Was going to take it to ktec, but your guy will definitely be closer and easier to get to. What did he charge you if you don't mind me asking?

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  16. Just labour as I’d bought the seats, base and runners.
  17. Eddie, May have a set of TD 1.3s available tomorrow 18 x 8.5 in black. Pm me if interested
  18. No worries fella. I have tweeked the demon and a set will arrive Monday. ;-)
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  19. What colour did you go for Eddie? I originally wanted matt black, but there was a long wait for manufacture and delivery, and as I have zero patience I ordered gloss black. Very happy with them tho, they look great on the rare occasion when they're clean and polished!

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  20. I went gloss black too as 1. they were the cheapest and 2. am hoping they’re the easiest to clean.
    Still love my white rims but impossible to keep clean.
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  21. Ian out of curiosity what was the final spec on your mk2?
  22. In what way ???, engine, suspension wheels etc
  23. Yes :-)
  24. 250 engine, forged rods and pistons
    Supertec oversized valves
    Hybrid 250 turbo (20t)
    airtec intercooler
    Pure motorsport non resonated free flow exhaust (still for sale)
    smf flywheel with uprated R26r clutch (still for sale)
    Decat pipe
    uprated fuel pump(DW65c) and 5 bar relief valve
    Poly bushed engine mounts (purple)
    Short shift mod

    BC coilovers 8kg fromt and 7kg rear
    poly bushed suspension (purple)
    250 Megane brakes with 340mm plain disc's
    Various pads best vfm pfz rated
    team dynamic 1.2 and 1.3 wheels

    Cobureau bucket seats
    6 point Willans belts

    probably more i forgot about :laughing::laughing:
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  25. H
    Had you got it how you wanted it by the end?
    Once I get the harness and new wheels on the only things left to change/add for me maybe a strut brace and a lighter bonnet.
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  26. How much for the clutch and smf ?
  27. Have a look at RS Tuning's site, or Ktec Racing's. Simples!

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  28. £400 posted, only done about 3k miles
  29. Almost, would have needed to do something with the head as i think i was supplied the wrong pistons or something, the compression was too high and we couldn't get much in the way of advance on the timing, was told that with the parts fitted i should have been looking at 380-400hp.
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  30. My previous statement is a complete lie of course. I will be buying new shit for my meg for ever and ever and ever....
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  31. Apologies.... Just re-read Ian's post and seen its still for sale! That's a very good price!

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  32. Kept it as i thought it would fit my 265 but it doesn't :cry::cry:
  33. Strut brace is not needed save your money and buy something that actually has a benefit :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  34. Your not the only one :laughing::laughing:
  35. Meh I like the look of it, can chuck a cargo net on for a bit more practically and of course can attach my harnesses to it when I get them fitted (runs and hides!)
  36. I hate to disappoint, Eddie, but the rear braces are not strong enough for attaching a harness to. I asked SW Motorsport a few months ago and that's what they told me.

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  37. Yes. I know fella. Hence the (runs and hides) comment. ;-)
  38. Spotted two cars like this today at Snet. Thought about mentioning it to them... ;-)
  39. Ahhhhh! Sorry mate, I've only just got up as I'm working nights, don't think my brain is quite up to speed yet!

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