Team Dynamics Jet Rs Alloys 7J x 17

Discussion in 'Other For Sale' started by Trophyboy, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    Bought these last year to fit on my works Vauxhall Combo van to smarten it up a bit but sold it not long after and these have been sat in the garage. Forgot about them until i had a clear out over the weekend.

    They are Team Dynamics Jet RS Multi spokes 7j x 17 ET38 fitted with 215/40 ZR17 tyres. 3 of them with 6mm tread and 1 is bald.

    1 of the alloys has hit a kerb (N/S Front) and would need repaired. I was quoted £60 to get this done by a local wheel specialist but that was to repair alloy/straight on and paint that area only. Please see pics.

    Its possible I could band them in pairs and send via courier but would have to get a quote first but think it's around £40 ish.

    £250 ono collected. Just need them gone really.



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