swivel bearing grease nipple bolts..who sells them??

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  1. Any luck getting the shafts out?
  2. having another go at it saturday..sometimes things are sent to try you.
    went to do it last saturday..and we couldnt find my fkn locking wheel nut key from the week before...just dissapeared off the face of the earth...so i have had to order a replacement!.
  3. Any joy?

    RS 175 Cup Lux
  4. Just if anyone else is looking for these, I can make them.

    Made three sets so far.
    One for my own car and sold two on here.
    I make to order so not fussed.
    Bolt is correct spec and then I use a lathe correctly to produce the delivery bore. Proper grease nipple fitted after tapping.


    RS 175 Cup Lux
  5. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Any of these bolts available? Im looking for a pair this week
  6. I would also like a pair if anyone still makes these.
  7. You can get them from Turbo Renault.
  8. I've placed my order on TurboRenault but have not received an answer, contacted by email, also no answer. Will wait a few more days...
  9. Havent seen any email from you?
  10. The only email address I have is the one from PayPal, admin@t...r...co.uk censored for bots or whatnot. Is there another one?
  11. Yes - info@turboRenault.co.uk or PM me here , or on TurboRenault.co.uk
  12. You were faster than I imagined, as the bolts have already arrived :smiley: Thank you.

    They showed on backorder when I placed the order, so I wasn't expecting them anytime soon and was expecting some sort of message that they were sent.

    Thanks again for the great and fast service.
  13. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Got mine off Mark Black in the end, there cheap as chips to make yourself
  14. Unfortunately I'm in Romania, can't easily find someone capable here. Also heard about Mark Black having them but some said he's hard to reach and he couldn't get him to send just the bolts. I just have to drop again the bottom arm and replace them (as I've just had the bearings replaces last week).
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  15. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Turbo renault are the place for you then :wink: they are easier to get hold of than mark too haha. Andy Bond is always around to help out too :wink:
  16. Bit of a thread bump but I had these fitted recently and I notice my mechanic has fitted them to the upper back joint.

    I'm assuming that was wrong?

    Also, is it worth having one too and bottom?
  17. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Absolutely useless fitting them to the top bearings as they are sealed taper roller bearings and the grease will just fill the up the inside of the sleeve.

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