swivel bearing grease nipple bolts..who sells them??

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  1. I can measure them as I have a spare set of hubs just to mock things around the house. I'm not that efficient to finish parts as quickly as other do

    It may be obvious theyre size anyway as most of the things in life.
    I will grab some wrenches in weekend if nobody manages to do it.


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  2. No I don't know for sure the size, but that drawing states M16x1.5 for the thread in the hole of the turret.

    I know for sure the head of the bolt is a 24mm which also equates to M16.

    Most M16 are M16x1.5 fine which also makes sense given the application and that these were originally designed by Ricardo in Warwickshire.

    In the pics you can see 30 thread. At 1.5 that's 45mm.

    The drawing also shows the height of the turret (23.6mm) and the spacer (24mm) which is countersunk into the turret 5mm. So that's a total length of 42.6mm. We know the spacer is countersunk into the bottom of the hub 2.5mm (see my guide). So that gives 45mm.

    If you scale the image of an actual swivel bearing bolt it too works out at 45mm.

    Common sizes for these bolts are M16x1.5x40 and M16x1.5x45.

    I'll do a good job on drilling the bolts, got access to our aircraft workshops.

    Only thing I'd say is it won't be a production line job. Too much work in to start knocking up batches so I'll start with a pair and assess them. If good I can send them up the road to the mechanical workshops who should be able to fire them out.

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  3. we just need some good weather now to strip down my hubs..shame there is a hurricane coming then!
  4. Good work guys, I was going to do mine, but Ill hold off until we have some bolts and inserts made up.

    Keep this thread uipdate with progress when you have it please!
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  5. Bolts ordered today.
    Ten in total for starts.
    I'll get them by next Friday according to shipping and then start the conversion the week after.

    Also I've found a lathe at work so that's even better for the job.

    Might even be able to knock out the turrets!

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  6. matt-e has 5 sets of bolts in the for sale section now!..if you are desperate,look there first..
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  7. TimR26

    TimR26 South Central RSM Area Rep

    Put me down for a set of inserts and bolts. Keeping my R26 forever so I'll need then eventually lol
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  8. I'll have some inserts and bolts as well please when/if available.
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  9. Bolts in, nipples on there way!

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  10. Any news on the manufacture of the turrets?

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  11. Daz


    Are these bolts swappable with just the wheel off or os it more involved than that?

    What grease are people using?
  12. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    i think they can just be swapped in place
  13. You'll need to split the lower arm at the three 13mm bolts. Push down arm and you should be able to get on the bolt.

    I don't think you'll get it out in situ otherwise.

    In terms on grease, I'd say any MP grease will be fine. You want it to be able to move up the bolt under pressure but viscous enough to stay in place once it's found the bearing needles.

    I was thinking about this earlier.
    I'm going to roughly work out the amount of grease you'd need to ensure you live it up good and proper!
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  14. By the way, first pair of boots drilled. Waiting on grease nipples before I tap them!

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  15. Daz


    I wanted some when I was at marks, got lost in translation I think but was miffed I never got any!
  16. Well the first pair are done and going on my car at the weekend.

    Happy to take orders on another four sets.

    PM me if interested.

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  17. Pm'd

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  18. Pm'd who? Lol
  19. It was through the tapatalk messenger thing not a forum pm as I was on my phone! I'll resend it now!

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  20. Replied [emoji1303]

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  21. Three sets left

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  22. whats the best grease to use in these?
  23. I'll take a pair of inserts?
    I got my bolts from mark and in reference to fitting it was easiest to drop the lower arm via the ball joint bolt then drop the Hub bolt and replace, I used multi purpose grease and has been fine. Inject until the grease comes out the seal and then clean the area as best you can.

    Great effort by the way guys, stuff like this really makes the forum worth while! [emoji1360]
  24. Are this the turrets and the bolts, or just the bolts?

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  25. just the bolts at the moment..
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  26. inserts are not done yet..weather has been so bad on the weekends we cant get my hubs stripped to get the inserts measured up and machined..
  27. [​IMG]

    Bolts are also taking longer than expected to knock up. Mainly because I've been ill and then the workshops really busy for me to squeeze in.

    Got one set going out next week but all others will be made to order.

    Just PM if you want some.

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  28. Any updates on this?
  29. Bolts available to order. Turrets I can't comment on....
  30. until
    Cant get my driveshafts out..wasted a whole morning trying to shift passengers side.Even the hub puller wouldnt touch them.
    Going to try heat next time we have a half day to waste..but its a fkn nightmare,as it could end up costing a fortune if both shafts are stuck in the hub.
  31. Does anyone know the part numbers for The top bearing in the swivel hub,and the wheel bearings?
    IF we have to use heat..both will probably get messed up..so need to have them just incase.
  32. If you are desperate, diamond motors are selling the bearing,turret and insert in a kit for £50 plus p&p.
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  33. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    FC40857 is the top bearing
    402109697R - wheel bearing
  34. thanks matt..this is for a R26..are they the same as a 225??
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  35. They'll be the same!
    I had the same issue with the driveshafts. Main reason why I didn't do both sides and I actually split the shaft from the box when I did the springs and dampers. No help if you're trying to get the swivel bearings out though.

    Which puller have you got?
    Mine is a press. Bolt it onto the hub with wheel bolts then press the shaft out.

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  36. Thats the price per side i assume?

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  37. yes
  38. we had the puller type with the arms that wrap round.
    i have just bought what you have, to try that instead.
  39. Good luck. You should be able to press it out with that! May need to oil that threads and take it easy.

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