swivel bearing grease nipple bolts..who sells them??

Discussion in 'Mechanical - Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust etc' started by andrewjeffs, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Who is it on here that sells the modified swivel bearing bolts
    with the added grease nipple?

  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Mark Black IIRC
  3. Yes but try getting them off him.

    I asked in November. He replied straight away and asked how I wanted to pay then nothing.

    Finally got him again in January and the same thing. Said he had some then went cold again.

    It's annoying because I need them now!

    Might just get some made up myself.
    Can't recall the bolt spec, M18?
  4. I thought exactly this ,when I know hes mega busy all the time...I have tried facebook message to his garage...I see he looked at it ..but no reply as yet....if he does reply L-1011..i will get you a set as well..saves time!
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  5. Yeah he gets his PMs via tapatalk from his phone. Don't get how he can reply asking how I want to pay and then when you send a message back immediately you don't get a response.

    It's a shame. He must be loosing out on loads of trade.
  6. our mechanic is the same..he doesn't have staff,so hes always trying to juggle jobs all over the place...Leaves no time for anything.

    Our mechanic left the bonnet up on our works van while he nipped into town for a part...10 hours later the bonnet was still up!...His mind was so cluttered with work he had forgot!
  7. Ha good luck. I think without actually going down there and picking them up yourself there's not much chance.
    I have tried for over a year to get some from him!

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  8. Right better make some then!

    Anyone know the bolt spec?

    Maybe I could get some new ones from fish brothers.

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  9. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    ill see if i can get some done, if you want?
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  10. i am going up my mates who are engineers tmrow to order up my bearings etc...I will ask if they can knock up enough bolts for all of us..will report back..
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  11. Basically the standard bolt placed on a lathe and then run up a drill on a tailstock will put a nice controlled hold down the centre. Then tap a hole at the head for the corresponding nipple. Jon done!

    Guys let me know if you find something. I've lost access to the machine shop these days so am at the mercy of paying others which annoyingly doesn't always work out!

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  12. If you can that would be fantastic!

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  13. boardy is struggling to keep up with shortshift orders at the moment ..so probally not
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  14. Ill have some of these if anyone gets some made up.

    If not, Ill see if I can get some made up if we can get the bolt spec.
  15. I'm a cnc machinist. Im sure i could knock some up if people tell me the bolt specs etc
  16. Ok..been in my engineer mates unit today ,talking about the grease bolts etc..

    He thinks the most important part to replace is the hub insert,which will almost certainly be pitted if the hub is seizing etc
    ,because its just being grinded into whats left of the needle bearing.


    So he is going to make a number of these,which will be around the 50 mark to use the material up.
    They will be made from a very hard metal due to the abuse they take over the years,which should pay dividends in regards to longevity.

    He will also being making up so many sets of the grease bolts.

    We just have to finalize exact sizes for these 2 parts..as the info available has to be verified for precise machining..

    If you guys want these parts...let me know,and he will work out prices

  17. Goes without saying I do.

    Both the new turrets (hub insert) and the grease bolts. Pair of each.

    With regard to the turrets, the dimensions are on here somewhere. I know the OD is 45mm.

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  18. In terms of clearance, how do those grease bolts get on?

    Nipple to lower BJ?

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  19. these photos are nicked from mark blacks facebook page..we have to look into it.
    If I could get anything at all from mark black it would be so much easier..but no replys.

    If we cant get the info..we will take my hubs apart to measures the bolts and the insert.
  20. I thought you did yours..hence your guide??
  21. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  22. I did.

    But I didn't measure anything!?!
    Only reason I know the turret is 45mm OD is because of the bearing (4520).

    I need to do the other side as when I did that guide I only did the drivers. The passengers was fine. As id just had a baby boy I didn't bother doing the passenger one.

    Fitted all new springs and dampers over summer and they were both still fine.

    Now the sticky steering is back. So I'm hoping it's the passenger one. It's intermittent though.

    So I want to get the bolts and turrets (if we are going this way) soon as I need to get the bearing(s) changed now.
  23. ok..will drop into Renault tmrow and see if they can tell me what size the bolt is..i know a guy in parts.
    will try to push this on as soon as possible,as my own car is to danferous now with the non returning sterring.
  24. Looking like M16x1.5x45 then?:


    Easy to come by in 8.8

    Ideally use a lathe for the holes but a pillar drill should do the job too.

    Might have a go.

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  25. I'd definitely take a pair of grease bolts. Possibly inserts depending on price

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  26. Id have a complete set of inserts and grease bolts, well worth making a load up.
  27. I'd have set of both too

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  28. I'm definitely interested as I didn't managed to do mine, even if I come up with the idea in the first place.

  29. did you?
    Best send 30% of any profits to you then under patented parts rules

    Pretty sure a few others have had this idea, it's not unique and was standard on older cars!
  30. Never said that. Everything started here when they were discussing about the inserts size and I said this is the solution to really solve it. Couple of days later Matt e had a couple of sets for sale and this is where everybody found about it.

    I never said I want anything financially, but everytime people like you turn out and just piss on my findings like they were so obvious to them makes me wonder why am I even sharing things with them (in this case you).
    If this is the case, why did you never mentioned anything about it?

    You can take it personally or not, I don't care.


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  31. ummm..ok...what does it matter who makes them as long as they are available?
    We are making the inserts on the recommendation from my engineer friend,who thinks its pointless rebuilding the hubs if the insert is damaged..as it will only effect the smoothness of the action,and shorten the life of the bearing.

    Wasn't aware of any other comments etc, from anyone else.

    Hes going to knock up the inserts just as a favor to me,for my own car..but seeing as he has to buy the bar in...he might as well make use of it to get the cost of the bar back.

    If I could buy them from Renault..i would..saves a lot of hassle.
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  32. ok..first of all my mate is going to take my hub apart to make sure he has the measurements' exact.

    The bar used to make these inserts has to be a high grade material because of its high wear environment,so he wants to be sure with such a expensive piece of metal.

    I am pushing for him to do this,as I cant drive my own car due to my own bearing seizing..

    So bare with me chaps..i will get it done as soon as possible.

    Will report back with progress,as I know some of you are desperate..
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  33. Listen I think it's you taking it personally.

    My comment, as well as sarcastic, also suggests I don't care.

    I don't care if it's "your idea". I don't care if you said it first! That's my point. I just want some made up.

    However, this isn't the first thread where you've denounced to the forum this is your idea. What is it you want when you make that comment/point?

    Is it the recognition you want? What is it that makes you reply to this with "even if I came up with the idea in the first place"?

    Going on to say you don't know why you bother sharing your ideas is just another example of you desperate for ownership to this. I've not tried to piss on anything but I am mocking you for throwing that statement out all the time a grease bolt is mentioned anywhere on here. It's a bit,well, sad.

    If you came up with the idea and didn't bother making any yourself or having them made up well that's your fault. Your not going to get any kudos from me.

    You were the same over your beloved lower arm theory which I'm guessing you never made either!

    And whilst I'm at it the mapping you said you were going to offer that never came to anything!

    But, to keep you happy, forever more I shal refer to the swivel bearing grease bolt as the "Bulardas Bolt" in honour of you thinking of it first.

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  34. You sir are taking this seriously! I like it.

    Well you've done good so far and magically mine is behaving itself plus I've no time at the weekends around the family to strip the car so I can wait a little longer.

    On another note I can get the bolts and machine them to fit grease nipples.
    I know your going to have it done yourself and your mate will be able to supply but as standby I'll make some up.

    Probably have the bolts by Friday and get the machining done next week. I'll just do a pair to start with and see how we go.

    I'm thinking a right angled nipple of M6x1?
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  35. please don't turn this into a argument...you will not make any money from a few bolts with holes drilled in them!
    We are doing this just to help out with members...I think mark black was selling these for £10!

    Mark is just to busy to be bothered about this sort of thing..you cant blame him if hes flat out.

    Yes its a good idea..but is it really even worth it?....my swivel hubs lasted 10 years before any problems!..car will be long gone before they need doing again..
  36. I'm not looking and wouldn't ask for money.

    I'm being sarcastic to that chap who begrudgingly said he'd have some even though the concept is his.

    As you say. We need em. They'll out last our ownership. Let's just get it done.

    RS 175 Cup Lux
  37. so do you know for sure the size of the bolts.
    all we have to go on at the moment are the pics I nicked from mark blacks,and your how to guide.
    If you want to deal with the bolts for members.that would take some pressure of my mate..and save him time to concentrate on the inserts.

    As I said..he is only doing this as a favor to me...but being precision engineers..they don't do things by half..hence not trusting other people measurements'!
  38. good man!

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