225 Subframe 225 specific?

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  1. Does anybody know, if the subframe and the radiator support frame are specific to the Megane 2 RS 225 model?

    Or are theses the same ones on all Megane 2 petrol and diesel cars?

    Many thanks
  2. http://www.catcar.info/renault/?lang=en&l=c3Q9PTUwfHxzdHM9PXsiMTAiOiJNb2RlbCIsIjIwIjoiTVx1MDBlOWdhbmUgSUkiLCIzMCI6IkJNME0iLCI0MCI6Ik1hbnVhbCIsIjUwIjoiMzEgRnJvbnQgYmVhcmluZyBlbGVtZW50cyBcLyBGcm9udCBheGxlIn18fG5vcHJzPT0xMzM0fHxicmFuZD09UmVuYXVsdHx8bm9wcj09MTMzNHx8dHlwZT09Qk0wTXx8Y2F0X2lkPT1NfHxpbWc9PXx8Z3JwX2lkPT0zMXx8c3ViR3JwX2lkPT0zMUE=

    At least with the part number given on there it seems to be the same as on the regular Megane II models. But I remember reading about some added reinforcement on the RS subframe; perhaps it's the part number #16 on the list. Someone can clarify on this I hope, but I would go on to guess this reinforcement bar is unique to the RS models - and as you can see it can be fitted (theoretically at least) on a non-RS subframe as the fittings on the subframe's side are detachable.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. As far as I can see the radiator subframe should be the same on normal Meganes too. According to parts numbers.
  4. If the part numbers are the same then it will be the same
  5. Out of curiosity, can you confirm that the cross brace #8200309427 is not fitted to non-RS Megane IIs? If this is the case, then the cross brace is what makes the difference but it's a separate part that can be fitted onto a non-RS subframe. I'm a bit careful with my part number quotes because the numbers have changed along the years and now they have fewer separate variants available for many parts making the current parts lineup and matching a bit different from what it was when these cars were new.
  6. Just had a look and it seems that the brace is only fitted to the RS models
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  7. Makes sense! Thanks for clearing that up!
  8. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    The subframe is identical to all Megane Mk2,
    The Brace is fitted to MEGANE RS and Clio RS, just need to add a nut plate as the holes are on all subframe but without nut plates
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  9. Superb, many thanks for sharing this information!

    Just be careful not to overtighten the nut on the bolt, which gets screwed into the nut plate of the reinforcement brace then. My garage did it last time with an impact wrench and split the tiny nut, which is welded on the nut plate, easily...grrrr...
    I've just replaced this damaged plate when I replaced the lower front wishbones then.
  10. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    where did you get the nut plate from, as i am looking for a pair to fit the brace on mine?
  11. I've bought it from allcarpartsfast.
    I'll check the part number later on...
  12. There are two pictures of the nut plate.
    You can see the split nut, due to too much tightening torque:-(



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