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  1. Hi all,

    Not too sure if many of you are in to the stock market, but thought I would share some refferal links I've got with Freetrade.

    If you're not aware of Freetrade is a startup (been going a couple of years) that allows you to buy shares in various markets, the list of companies grows and it has a great community to get to know.

    The referral scheme is pretty cool, if you use one of my links you and I both earn a free share with a value between £3 and £200. The free share is essentially a lottery, but either way its a free cash incentive.

    If you want you can open up a stocks and shares ISA account where your gains are tax free.

    They are regulated by the FCA and come with all the buyer protection that comes with being regulated.

    Below are the links, let me know if you use any of them so I can delete them as they are a 1 time only link.

    Share 1.

    Share 2.

    Share 3.

    Share 4.

    Share 5.

    Share 6.

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  2. Forgot to say, the cost of buying shares is £1 for an instant order or free for a basic order.

    With a conventional broker these costs would normally set you back between £5 and £15 per order. So well worth looking at if you want an alternative to standard brokers!

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  3. Share 1 I believe has been used.

    If you use any please let me know so I can update the post.

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