225 Sticky Gearshifts + not centering

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  1. Hi All,

    I have a Megane 225, it's an '05. Great Car!

    At the moment I have a problem with the gearshifts being a little bit tight, and stiff.

    Also the gear stick won't centre by itself, I have to give it a wobble a few times.

    I believe it's a common problem on here, I have messaged andrewjeffs to see if he will help, as I have the same problem as this guy


    Just wondered if anyone knows anyone who can do this up North, Manchester way.

  2. Having the same sort of issue mate so wouldn't mind keeping an eye in this.
  3. Thanks for your reply, good to see i'm not the only one with the problem.

    From looking on here, and looking on the forums I sort of know what the problem is.

    Something to do with the cable movements see vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9DnumsXpVo)

    But I don't feel confident tackling this myself. just need someone in the north who know's how.
  4. It's a bush in the selector that swells over time, you need to strip down the selector and open the bush out a little, give it a good clean and a grease all all will be good.

    I'm in St. Helens mate if you want it sorting if you don't want to tackle it yourself.

  5. Me too very same problem, except mine is ok when car first starts/when cold but after about 20mins driving the gear change gets more stiff to select
  6. Now then mate how you doing?

    Might be when it gets warm and expands, probably well heat soaked after 20 mins.
    But would be tempted to check gearbox oil level or go for a change if it's not been done for a while.
  7. nice one lee, needs a service soon and best get it done then I guess :smile:
  8. Thanks for mentioning that midnight! you just reminded me that mine is exactly the same, when it's cold it's fine, when it gets warm it's like trying to shift a gear through jelly!

    Makes complete sense, when somethings warm it will expand, when it's cold it will subtract.

    Boardy, i'm going to PM you.
  9. Mine was what broady said. Easy fix once you get the battery and air box out!
  10. I'm in Manchester and I've done this fix to mine too if you need a hand i'm happy to help if you want.. can do the short shift mod for you too if you want that doing at the same time (if it's the phase 1 gear selector gubbins)
  11. As I said to ant 33..he is dead on the changover year for phase 1/2...easy to do a phase 1 shoershift..will make a massive difference to not just the throw..but also the feel of the shift..
  12. Cheers for the help Fellas, i've been speaking to a member on here, and he's going to help me! thanks again
  13. Resurrecting and old thread! hi there, I’ve just picked up one of these, and my issue sounds exactly like this, could anyone give me some pointers on how to sort this? Also, what is the short shift mod? Apologies for the lack of knowledge!
  14. Is it a 225 or an R26, 225 is very easy to do, R26 has to be machined
    There is a circlip on the end, of the shaft, remove the gear cable first and you might have to tap it out
  15. She’s a 225.. this is good to know, is this the sort of thing that can be done on the drive?
  16. Yes, it can be done on your drive, cordless drill for doing the quick shift, doing the bush is a little more difficult, a bit of emery cloth on a screw driver shaft would be the way to go.
  17. So it’s as easy as cleaning it in situ? Ie I don’t have to take the bush or linage out?
  18. no it needs to come out,and only the very early 225s have the diy capable linkage, if you want to add the shortshift.Some 2005 cars will have the smaller linkage,as Renault cleared out the parts bin...but from 2006 on,they will all be the larger linkage.
  19. Thanks Andrew, mines an 06. At the moment I’ll just be happy with some gears, but it’s good to know re the shortshift, thanks
  20. you will have to take the battery tray out,then you will see the actuator.
    will the gear lever self center...is the lever stiff?..does it get any better,as the car gets warm.
    your best bet 100% is to contact phil watkins on here.He refurbs the entire unit,and adds the shortshift.
    Trust me...its the very best thing you can do for a mk2.
    ALL of these cars will have this problem by now..so adding a refurbed actuator ia a absolute must,before you end up snapping the gear cables,with the extra strain being put on the with the tight linkage.
  21. totally agreed and thanks for all the info. I’ll message him now
  22. Hi, been reading through the forums as a ghost for a few weeks now, what I have seen aswell as supplying the part you also used to fit the mod, do you still offer that service? Cheers
  23. i dont mate...theres a fitment guide on here i think.But phil watkins is who you get a refurbed unit from.Any half competant garage cpould easily do it also.

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