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  1. Has anyone done anything to there stereo in there rs250?
    I can’t believe how poor it is!
    My Berlingo van sounds better.
    Don’t want to start replacing the headunit as like the stock look.

    From experiance is it speakers or the headunit which is the issue?

  2. It’s actually both, upgrading spk helps to degree but amp is limited in power so reaches distortion easily
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  3. I have binned ours ( as was shite), got rid of head unit & speakers, sounds a lot better.
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  4. DV8


    A few people put in those inline Pioneer amps and stash them behind the dash. Meant to be great with a speaker upgrade and keeps the stock look (no personal experience though).

    When i eventually get round to it i'll be installing the Audiotec Fischer Match inline amp which lets you ad on one of their little subs.
  5. Yeah really would like to keep it original if possible.
    Was hoping there was a standard upgrade from another model which could of fitted straight in!
    Will have a look into an amp and some speakers then
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    I've got the Arkemy's system in mine which i think is the best audio upgrade you could get - its shite...
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  7. Fi Audio N2 sub.JPG
  8. Has anyone looked at using a DSP to clean up the signal from the original head unit? Pioneer have released one at a reasonable price.

    It has an amp in it but you have the ability to add an external one too.

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