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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by TomSladen, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Got a group buy up and running with yb racing for omp megane mk2 steering boss (to fit an aftermarket steering wheel)

    I currently have 7 people with money ready to send. If we get 10 people then it's 50 pounds delivered 48h service. Rrp is £68

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  2. count me in if we get 10 people quite quickly as just about to hit order on a momo one
  3. Mk2 and 3 are different I take?
  4. Momo one doesn't fit properly and snaps if you force it on. A lad had this happen last week and bought the omp one and it fit fine and was better quality.

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  5. Completely different mate sorry.

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  6. ok thanks for the info so count me in for sure
  7. You on Facebook?

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  8. me?
  9. Yes mate. If you are ill add you to messenger group and we can sort payment with yb racing who are honouring the group buy.

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  10. ah ok will pm you my details, not really used feacesbook for that before
  11. i guess folks might want to order up steering wheels as they want to do a deal on them as well?
  12. Yeah they have offered all that. If you want a wheel they can do an offer on boss and wheel for around 120-130 quid.

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  13. If you get that wheel with a boss for £125 you've grabbed a huge bargain. I had the same wheel in my mx5 (it's great!) and sold it a few weeks back for £90 without a boss or horn push...
  14. Recently bought a Megane R26 and looking to buy a boss kit. Is this group buy still open?
  15. Should be able to sort you out mate. You on fb?

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  16. Yes, pm sent
  17. I would be up for the wheel and boss offer it is the one camper linked
  18. They are not honouring the group buy any more but can still get 10% off.

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