Standard 250 cup wheel weight?

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  1. hi anybody know of the standard wheel weight of the 250 cup wheels?

    I’m looking at a new set but want to actually make sure I’m saving some weight in the process
    Looking at a set of these

  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    They arn't as heavy as people think, IIRC they are around 11kgs,sure there was a post somewhere that someone had weighed one
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  3. Ahh nice one
    I had a search and only seemed to be able to find weights of AM wheels people had replaced the standard ones with
  4. Apparently they are quite soft, so will buckle easy
  5. Ahh that’s a shame
    They were pretty cheap for a lighter set from what I’ve seen and look a fair bit better than the team dynamics
    I’ll have to keep looking seeing as the car will see quite a bit of track work
  6. i have a set of TD 1.3's they really take some serious hammer, they are as straight as the day they were fitted, i know they aren't light but they are super strong, if i need to have a weight reduction then i will go on a diet :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  7. They seem to be half a kilo heavier in the size I’m taking off
    Looks like I’d better start eating salad :cry:
  8. this is the first i’ve heard/read that these wheels are prone to buckling.
    I’ve come from VAG prior to my Megane, and the 19” santiago’s on a golf would buckle for fun over a poorly maintained UK road

    is this comment behind 250 cup wheels being ‘soft’ an exaggeration? Anyone had problems with track use?
  9. It was a comment on the Bola wheels being soft
  10. ,

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