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  1. Hi. Recently bought a r26 and turns out the ringland knackered on it so in the process of working out if dropping another engine in or forging the engine I have. Does anyone know what pistons and rods ED use and is it worth the money going down this route. Also upgrading the turbo, intercooler and clutch so its turning out to be pricey. Thanks.
  2. All depends what you want from the car and what your intended use is for it really?
  3. Would be a weekend toy for the road along with the odd track day. Just unsure what the best option would be as there is a good few routes to go down
  4. Might be worth thinking about sourcing a full 250/265/275 engine with turbo etc as these have stronger internals than the 225/r26 and can run 320bhp/350lbft with supporting mods, would probably work out a lot cheaper than going full forged build.

    Ian Plymouth has an extensive thread on doing this in the projects section, have a read through it and see what you think.
  5. More cost effective to just drop another 225 engine in or repair what you have if you're not too fussed about huge power.

    I personally will be going down the fully forged route and have been looking at the ED kits (level 3). With a proper turbo (looking at a g25-550), the cost will be about 6k-7k by the time its finished, but will hopefully produce something in the region of 450bhp.

    You have to be honest with yourself and look at the cost of the build compared to the value of the vehicle! For me, it's also a hobby and building a big powered engine is something I've never done before so the cost is easier to accept.
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    I think 400hp is going to be a hand full especially in a R26, think i will be looking at capping mine at under 400hp
  7. I'm only looking to gain 330/330 or there abouts. I think anymore would take the handling side away from the car. ED seems the route I'm heading down but looking at 6k so far and that's just the stage 2 with stage 1 turbo . Obviously I have the clutch , intercooler ect to get decent gains on the dyno. I'm not sure if the stage 2 would be good for 330/330. Hence the possibility of going down the 250 engine dropped in. Cost wise I've not a clue going this route. I should maybe just stick with ED route and keep it a safe 300bhp. Just thinking if I'm gonna do it then why not go for as much as I can
  8. Maybe for an old man :tongueclosed:

    I think you're right, I can see me building this thing, hating it and selling it!:tearsofjoy:
  9. I did a stage 1 engine rebuild with forged pistons at ED after a piston blew. Was about £3k I think about 3 years ago.
    Various other mods now. Running 296bhp/310lbft. Semi-stripped out.
    On road and track it’s all the performance I need. Obvs it’s all personal but much above 300bhp seems a bit much price /performance wise on a R26.
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  11. Hi mate. How has the car been since build. Obviously there are no guarantees with the build . I'm upgrading my turbo, intercooler , clutch and injectors ect so that's what's adding on the price. I would probably be doing all this down the line anyway so just gonna bite the bullet and go for it all at once. It would be interesting to hear from other folk that have had ED build there engine to see how they getting on. I'm certainly not doubting them and their work but thought it always there with me regarding if it's worth it and what problems I'd have down the line. I enquired about the uprated fuel rail but was told the standard 1 that's on should be ok as long as we keep the car 300bhp (ish)
  12. Stock rail will support over 300bhp it’s just that the design of the stock one is flawed in that it feeds from one end only so no.1 piston can easily run lean, better off changing to a mk3 one which feeds from the centre giving more even fuel distribution.
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  13. Engine has been great since the build and I wouldn’t fault Andy on engines. I had an issue with the fitment of a miltek exhaust but that’s separate.
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  14. When I bought their DIY build package it came with wossner pistons and pac rods, H or I beam choice

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  15. Cool. How are you getting on with the car . Worth the money ?
  16. I am happy with it, 250 turbo running 306/320. Not a daily car, done about 6k miles in 3 years since forging. For me it's worth the money, love the car

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