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  1. That's what I hear driving along!

    Front brakes on my 275 squeak when rolling at low speed. The brakes aren't even applied. Seems to happen most often when I have steering lock on, and is worse with a bit of heat in the brakes. Brakes don't feel like they are binding but I haven't bothered jacking the car up.

    This isn't normal brake squeal which happens when brakes applied sometimes (that doesn't bother me).

    The car has grooved discs on it which I believe is not standard spec for 275 Cup S. Dunno if that makes any odds? I noticed a tiny bit of squeal when (more like a squeak squeak!) when cornering after driving the car hard for a while when I first got the car. Now it seems to do it just from cruising on motorway for a while.

    Any ideas? Case of TADTS?
  2. I think all cups come with grooves discs from factory don’t they? Very strange how it’s squeaking without applying any brake pressure, how far gone are the pads and discs? The best thing to do is jack the car up and have a closer inspection, impossible to say, could even be a wheel bearing.

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  3. Its the standard pads, there shit tbf. Binned mine years ago due to this.
  4. early stages of piston sticking, nothing to worry about immediately just means piston not seating that last few microns back into caliper, at some distant point will need caliper refresh. does it more when pads are hot and tolerance is tighter
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  5. Thanks Bob. I had thought it was something along those lines.

    It's a 16 plate on around 11k and there's loads of life left in the pads and discs.
  6. should be a warranty job if your calliper are sticking at 11k miles on the clock
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    It's definitely beneficial to keep on top of maintenance and cleaning of the Brembo calipers, a simple strip down of pads, clean then reassemble does then a world of good and would solve a lot of the noise issues
  8. Exactly this plus other things like water drains either side wiper mechanism
  9. Bob, funnily enough that's the other tip you gave me last year!

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  10. ....easy one to miss that one is, then folk wonder why cabins filling up with water, then they need some kind of breathing apparatus, then that fails and they drown and folk ask why he drowned and they say he neglected to clean his scuttle drains

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