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  1. Hello,

    I want to make my Megane look a bit more sporty. Could you please help me out here?

    I would like to lower the car by changing springs, either the Eibach 25/15mm, or the H&R 35/35mm. I also would like some spacers, especially in the rear.

    I did some research already, but didn't find too much on this board unfortunately. On the German board there are lots of different threads about using 36/40mm, 40/50mm (per axle) or something similar big. On another English board the people are quite afraid about possible damages due to spacers. Here it seems are more guys who don't care too much about spacers, but change the suspensions and wheels anyway so they don't need them. I only read that there were problems when the H&R springs are used with the 20mm spacers in the rear, which doesn't fit to the information from the German board.

    So if I don't want to change my suspenion and wheels, what do you suggest?
    I was thinking about either:
    - Eibach springs and bolt-on spacers in the rear, 21mm (Eibach, can't find smaller ones), none in the front
    - H&R springs and smaller (16mm) bolt-through spacers front and back, would also need 40 new wheel bolts
    - Eibach springs and bolt-on spacers in the back, 5mm bolt-through in the front (like in the Elia kit)
    - Springs only

    My car is the last version of the Megane 3 RS, my wheels are the Steev 19" (I still like them :grin:) and for winter I use the Autec Wizard 18" ET50. Another question on the side, maybe for the future: Would using the Wizard 18" with ET35 work on the car and have the same effect as a 15mm spacer? According to the stickied post "wheel fitment guide" this wont work, but why?

    There are definetly more ways to do this "right", just feel free to share your opinion and experience!


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