Split and painted my xenons on mk3

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by odinson, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Some may have seen but I took the plunge and split my xenons on my Meg last night and I must say I'm over the moon sorry she's filthy

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  2. SOO much better with the dark look..
  3. Hoping to get a 2nd set of headlights next week and do something similar. Did you have new butyl rubber sealant strips, or just reuse the sealant already in the grooves?
  4. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Looks good, but where is the step by step guide to doing it
  5. Haha on the Megane page it's only a tough guide I'll copy and paste it here or do a better write up
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  6. Original atm but will get some to more to do the seams
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