Spicy New Hyundai Hot Hatch

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  1. On a bit of a forum roll then Mr Cazper.........all comments welcome.

    It will crack 3 out your 5 requirements, handle better than an M5 and an R26 and have a 7 year warranty, so on balance, a winner.
  2. How do you know that it will handle better?
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  3. I doubt it.....and if you re google it Kia offers 7 years and Hyundai only offers 5 years unless you know something they dont
  4. Only 5. That's a big disappointment. Somehow I'm getting the feeling this may not be a car for you.
  5. lol i wish my beemers had 5 year warranty from new, let alone 7
  6. I suppose the warranty business keeps the customer sort of connected to brand, particularly if they opt to get it correctly serviced at the dealership. Can be more of a player for the used market.

    For this type of motor, I reckon the length of warranty isn't going to be a player in the new buyers mind when deciding if it's suitable, they will be more interesting in getting a woody over the PCP.
  7. i rather think that buyers of Hyundai's and Kias are probably drawn by the cheaper price/lackluster performance and handling/long warranty so they have cheap ownership over time. I personally purchased a hyundai i10 to go behind the 747 as it was cheap/spongy comfy suspension/small/disposable. Must admit the build quality leaves a bit to be desired but it is fit for purpose.
  8. Most certainly and a lot of those type of motors are bought as just disposable type 'white goods'. Most would even care what badge is stuck on the front.

    One has to assume this hot hatch i30N version will probably be pulling in a slightly different type of punter and not the usual one car owning sandal and sock type Sainsburys shopper.
  9. Nothing much new from Frankfurt on this puppy. Let's just have the UK price.
  10. I take offence to that...
    I own sandals and socks but I do shop in tescos
  11. She's pleased with it.....

  12. Probably indigestion
  13. Maybe they did but nobody cared to write about it ...
  14. it'll have to be buy one get one free to sell in any numbers in the UK, don't doubt it will be decent, but not sure i'd want to be seen getting out of one, same applies to the type R for me, I'm not young enough to pull that one off:tearsofjoy:
  15. How old are you?
  16. it'll have to be buy one get one free to sell in any numbers in the UK, don't doubt it will be decent, but not sure i'd want to be seen getting out of one, same applies to the type R for me, I'm not young enough to pull that one off
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  17. You buggered that up...must be your age .....

    Old git

    I'm still only 53 haha
  18. God, I didn't realise it had turned into an old people's convention on here :tonguewink:
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  19. we are the only ones who can afford the insurance!..i am 44.
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  20. I feel like a baby at 33!
  21. My brain is 27 years old, but unfortunately the body is 50 years older than that.
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  22. whippersnapper! ;-)
  23. 43 here, you know , to lower the average....
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  24. Bloody technology, should have got one of the kids to do it, but can't remember their names:smile:
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  25. My hot hatch Hyundai. 20170913_165104.jpg
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    Yes you may be but you are young at heart :kissingheart::laughing:
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    Whats with the two towing eyes, does it breakdown that much :laughing:
  28. Ah those things...it is for this.... 20170704_173104.jpg 20170704_173101.jpg 20170704_173114.jpg
    and I use the car for nipping around and parking at the train station as it does not matter if some knobber opens their door and hits the thing..easy to park too..embarrasing to drive thou
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  30. I would like a Concorde Liner next and they will fit a car in the back apparently. The Motorhome does have a garage but only big enough for a motorbike really.

    went with this MH as the little ones would trash a nice one with their dirty little mits
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  31. It's great Hyundai have created this but for me it looks too flat and shapeless externally. It certainly ain't no Renault Megane RS! [emoji1316]

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  32. -Jamie-

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    Evo seems to think the N is a decent little car, may try find one to test drive out if curiosity
  33. Yeah Pistonheads love it too. Priced really well too.

    You just know the Megane is going to out price itself v the market. Hope they take a leaf from Hyundai though!
  34. Buying a Hyundai then?

  35. starting to look like this thing is a real contender.
    Sutcliffe reckons its steering is better than a Meganesport,so that in itself is a great start, with so many horrible, dead systems on modern hatches.

    I know its bland as fk to look at..and that blu-tac blue paint does it no favors at all,but it seems keenly priced for a lot of brand new tech.

    Be interesting to see what deals become available for it,as well as a possible bargain used buy in time.
  36. Will be great if it's any good but values plummet like a lead balloon. Another choice of track car for some on a budget
  37. will they though?..meganesports used to lose value badly, until people realized how good they are.
    This thing has as much tech as its competitors,and i bet it has a multi link suspension set up.

    Lets see how it stacks up next to the new megane..performance,styling very similar.

    If its as good as sutcliffe says,i would seriously consider one if its competitively priced.

    I really dont care what badge is on the front.
    Everyone laughed when i bought in 2009, a ugly, fat arsed,unreliable ,Renault that was 2 years old ,and value had dropped massively to 13k...Best,most reliable car i have ever owned.
  38. Well Renault hasnt exactly got a great name in the automotive world. But the warmed up ones are liked by car geeks. I rather like mine.
  39. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    You say that, but turn up to any track day and take a look around. These days I see more Renault than anything else.

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