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  1. No doubting that weight plays a part but the Hyundai is about in the ballpark of other cars in the segment. 1400-1430kg according to what I have read. Meg is likely to be around 1500kg, Focus ST is 1437kg, Golf GTI is 1276kg and outgoing Type-R is 1382kg. The Focus RS is a lardy 1600kg and that still feels pretty agile.

    The reality is, in most conditions, most of us wouldn't notice 50 or even 100kg in terms of agility on the road. We're not all hyper-calibrated racing drivers.
  2. Apart from the Nissan GTR..massively heavy,out handle almost anything,ridiculously fast 0-60 time.
    The designer quoted`anyone who says a performance car needs to be light ,is a amateur`.
  3. Of course you can get a heavy car to do the numbers, but I would go 911 GT3 rather than GTR. Different experience.

    Plus for the trackday warriors a heavy car is expensive on consumables.
  4. Like I've said before though, you may need to drop a segment now to get the lightweight, smaller and fun buzz in a hot hatch like the R26 used to provide. The Fiesta ST at 1100 kg, Pug 208 Gti etc. The Focus RS, possibly the next Megane are all getting to be big bloaters.
  5. News from Europe on this:
    Two versions
    1) 250 bhp,
    2) performance version w/ 275 bhp (plus same amount of torque as 1), just for 500 revs more), upgraded brakes and electronically controlled LSD

    First 100 in Europe are a launch edition (effectively the performance version).

    European price for the launch edition (already sold out!) is just under €31k.
  6. Surprisingly popular.
  7. I wouldnt call 100 cars sold across a continent all that popular. Time will tell if it is going to be a popular car.
  8. 100 sold out in 2 days apparently.
  9. Over a whole continent. Wow thats very impressive.

    Time will tell if this car will be popular, its far too early to say at the moment.
  10. Not exactly the hundreds of pre-orders that Ford get before they even release images of an RS product but it shows promise. They're going about the marketing the right way, trying to build a bit of hype.

    I hope they make a go of it. It's nice to see new manufacturers joining the fray. Hyundai and Kia have come a long way in recent years, they deserve kudos for that. I look forward to driving one and seeing what it's like.
  11. It was 100 cars pre-released in Germany only.
  12. I am not saying that this car wont sell in high numbers or not, but its still way to early to say if this car will be popular.
  13. r.s`s always hold there value,regardless of model.or ability..never going to be on loser there.
  14. The new Focus RS is starting to find its true value mind. Hundreds of them for sale. Dealers are knocking out nearly new ones for £28K now. Not sure what planet owners are on who advertise their similar cars at £34K. Riddled with false hope and belief.
  15. Yeah the market is flooded. A lot of speculators jumped on the RS but it's sold in bigger numbers than previous models. How prices go in the coming months/years will be interesting.
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  16. its still a very good fast hatch for the road..as good as anything else on the market,on uk roads.
    In the recent top gear group test,it came second behind the brand new civiv type R,with the golf R in third.

    To heavy for hard track work,but i certainly would have one.
    A flooded market can only be good for us punters.
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  17. Because Ford limit the RS production run it will always hold a premium, snag is, all the amateur speculators have screwed the RS market and themselves. Some big losses to nurse for those that thought they'd do better than a cash ISA. Gonna take a while to wash all that out and get back to a sensible value.

    It's a good car for sure, but has its problems, engines popping, handling, loads nicked and not quite the great car or 4WD revelation is was made out to be.
  18. R.S focus`s are always a flawed package..but so are most performance cars.
    What Renault got right was the evolution of basically the same car, to eventually iron out all the kinks.

    From the 225,right through to the 275,you still got virtually the same chassis and engine components.

    The f4rt engine dates back to the fkn Renault Fuego!

    The RS Focus had gone through 3 totally different models in that time!..all of them with problems.
  19. Very good point. Renault have honed their basic Megane concept over the years while Ford took a big leap into the AWD solution.

    Also, much value to be had waiting for a new model to mature and serve a bit of time in the real world before committing to either new or used.

    I'm not sure where the RS value will end up, but it's not where it currently is and the smart money will have a punt when it dips below true value. Owner high used pricing capitulation still to come.
  20. This is why i cant see the new meganesport being any good to start with..its all to new with 4 wheel steer,customer infinity engine etc.

    They still havnt sorted out the currant clio,after the big success of the previous 172/182/197/200 models.
    Exactly the same scenario..swopping old,tried and tested components for new tech.
  21. Ford have a strange philosophy with hot models..I dont remember any performance ford being evolved to improve deficiencys..just replaced.

    Honda have listened to criticism of the outgoing Civic type R,and addressed all of the problems quick smart..

    The car is now class leading..
    I still think they will be hobbled by the fast and furious marmite looks.

    A brave move.But out of kilter with currant generic,blend in styling trends, of the majority of its rivals.

    No one is going to buy one of these over a golf R,when they offer very similar packages,but with night and day styling differences.
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  22. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    You havnt driven the latest 220 Clio then have you? Mega little car. The MK4 RS Clio lost out as it was released the same time as the Fiesta ST, Which stole its thunder.

    So much rubbish sprouted on the internet about them by people who haven't actually driven one in anger. Id have one as a daily in a heartbeat when values come down.
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  23. Good for you.
    That` rubbish spouted `as you so elegantly put it, is the general consensus of the motoring press,not personal opinion.


    `Neither of them have the power of the Trophy but both are exceptionally good cars that thrill and engage in a way the Trophy can only dream about.`

    load of rubbish then?

    No need for personal insults jamie,its up to people like you, with a large amount of real world,fast driving to educate people who are not that lucky.

    If you read the comments from owners at the end of the review,they all seem to say that EVO have it wrong..so maybe some `ford sponsored` bias going on here..
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  24. Suitable as a daily about sums it up.

    Had a drive in a dealer demo 200T when they first appeared, viewed as something that was supposed to carry on the great Renaultsport Clio tradition.... uninspiring and flaccid.
  25. uh oh..batten down the hatches!
  26. What was the personal insult?
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  27. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Was going to say, Where did i get personal with the insults?
  28. Truly spoken like someone who has never driven one. The reviewers you usually believe so whole-heartedly seem to disagree for the most part too. It won pretty much every group test it entered when it was released.

    Anyway, this thread is about a Hyundai.
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  29. And just another observational post. No personal opinion or anaysis.

    It's a very good car but was over-hyped and now has a few significant ownership issues developing.

    The Hyundai? Won't be long before we get the UK price. Key issue.
  30. If you insist. I drove the Focus RS at the Silverstone launch and in my view you are, quite simply, wrong lol. If you have driven one, feel free to start another thread and I am all up for some genuine, good-humoured, engineering debate about the car and the way it drives. If you haven't, then your analysis probably isn't worth a lot.

    And yes, the price of the Hyundai certainly is critical. I am looking forward to seeing one in the metal.
  31. Always value your opinion massivewangers and I like a debate as long as it's a sensible one, but on one hand you suggest independent reviews and tests are valid and quote them and now you are suggesting you can't have a view unless you have driven one. That's just resorting to the usual owners type cop out when challenged over factual and a valid consensus from respected tests and reviews. Contradictory.

    Anyway, I've said it's a very good car several times now. Not sure if that's enough for you.

    Regarding the ownership issues, there are significant ongoing issues regarding early engine failures, specific handling problems with certain owners and the number recently stolen. Maybe those issues don't exist if you haven't driven one.
  32. You can't criticise it if you haven't driven one, same bollox different thread. Get a grip man.
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    Can we not turn this into another thread I have to clear up please, play nice.
  34. Are you spotting the common denominator?
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  35. So, back on topic in my thread, I see the Euro price for this Hyundai is about €31K. Never too much of a correlation £ to € across the Euro car market but a £27K for the UK top model could work. Hyundai might feel brave after the quick sell out of the pre-release in Germany.
  36. Didn't realise if you start a thread you own it, great news for us car owners.......lol
    I reckon this will need to be below that with the best Pcp deals around to tempt anyone away from the big guns
  37. If the car is anything other than sensational,it will fall on its ass sales wise.
    I really hope its good..cant hurt to add another big hitter in a packed hot hatch market.
  38. If it handles better than an m5 or r26 has 7years warranty and 350 bhp and less than 10k ill place my order now. I already have an i10 so happy to upgrade
  39. Maybe people with beards, cords and hushpuppies will buy it......oops sorry beards are trendy now and not the preserve of Volvo drivers
  40. Mr Aerofoil....have you ever thought of changing your name to Mr Google?
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