Spicy New Hyundai Hot Hatch

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  1. In regards to the engine,i mean it will probally be down on power compared to its competitors,like all other hot korean models.
    It will need 300hp/lbft to compete with the established brands power outputs.

    I dont know whos styling cars these days..The new civic and megane are plain ugly.
  2. The word is it will probably have 280 bhp. Enough? You're right in terms of just numbers, but the i30 is light so it could be very competitive on power/weight.

    Another way of looking at it is the RS Clio 200/220T auto is a real 1260+ Kg (not what Renault actually claim....) and this Hyundai could be a similar weight with 280 bhp.

    Regards looks, this 'N' might still be a bit of bland munter.
  3. to be fair i cant think of a hot hatch on sale thats great to look at.
    The outgoing civic was probably the most funky looking..which is now being replaced with a nondescript dogs dinner.

    Even the new focus RS not a patch on the looks of the mk1 and 2.
  4. Some better views of the 'N' here and some Ring action. Looks like it could do with a better stance and some wider wheels. Looks very tidy and planted though. Maybe another set of Ring lap times on the way to mull over.

  5. Debut of this on 13 July.

    Time to see if the looks are a miss.
  6. OMG! WOW!
  7. They forgot to paint the bodykit!
  8. That seems to be a growing trend. I've noticed the 2017 facelift Golf R has black sideskirts, whereas my 2016 car had body-colour ones.

    Saying that, I suppose you could say they forgot to paint part of our Meganes too :tearsofjoy:
  9. Which part of the Megane isn't painted?
  10. Part of the front bumper, the rear diffuser, mirrors. Even the roof is black on mine lol.
  11. You more keen than me?

    Feast your eyes on its loveliness:


    Tidy little package potentially starting at £25K.

    EVO really like it:

  12. I'm still sticking with my earlier statement about it being 'safe'. That's not to say it'll be bad as it has a good formula but there's not much wow about it.

    I wonder how they're handling torque steer given the front suspension and hub setup being quite traditional. Maybe some fiddling with the diff.
  13. Don't think that will be too much of a problem really. The electronic jiggery-pokery can deal with most of it these days. I don't mind a bit of torque steer actually. Gives a bit of excitement.
  14. More action and close up stuff......

  15. Well theres 7.57 il never get back....
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  16. not sure the colour does it any favours, but another decent contender in the hot hatch market, it will need to be miles cheaper than its rivals and have some great finance deals for it to get any sales i feel. i'd defo get a test drive in one but not sure id want one on the drive, badge snobbery will play a big part in its success or failure.
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  17. Id fully agree with you mate, but as part of thier promo that video was pretty slow and boring.
  18. The UK Hyundai official promo vid is only 1:31

    Some nice bonus footage earlier.
  19. However that matches the car, the design. This looks like the side skirt has just been glued on. Also that rear bumper, left overs at BMW's 1-serie department? And the red stripe, Golf GTI anyone?
  20. They've had a reasonable stab at it with the styling but it's all a bit fussy. Bolt on the bits people expect type approach.
  21. I wanted to like this

    But I don't
  22. None of the latest 5 door hot hatches are that special in the looks department.

    List price will be this things key selling point. Hyundai need to be smart.

    One of these with a tweak to well over 300 bhp and the red bits blown over in black would be a nice stealthy tool to embarrass those brand worshiping BMW, Audi types.
  23. depends which BMW or Audi you were trying to embarrass
  24. Looks like a mixture of a Volvo, a van and a SUV.
    Nice wheels, but this thing looks terrible otherwise.

    Heavy too at 100kg heavier than a Golf GTi I read.

    A brand new car, that sounds like dynamically they are trying to emulate the 10 year old Megane mk3, in a horrendous looking shell.
    Not a bad thing dynamically, but certainly not taking things forward.

    Will not sell well regardless of how it drives, given Hyundai's kudos in this market, but I guess Aerofoil will be in an exclusive club........
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  25. Not sure why but I don't like how it looks. Reminds me of a Volvo [emoji58]

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  26. Looks wise it's growing on me a bit and I like the way Hyundai have kitted it out for endurance hammering around a track. As a potential budget blaster, that we already know is dynamically on the numbers, bring on those group tests. I reckon it will be the surprise of the year if the £ is right.

  27. Will it entice you to spend some of your hard earned on one?
  28. It has got too many doors like the Meg mk4 :tongueout:
  29. I agree, but if they can put this out well equipped for under 23 grand with the 7 year warranty they'll sell like hot cakes.
  30. Hyundai are including a detachable strut brace for track days in the boot. A bit of a first.

    Either that is serious attention to detail or the chassis is a bit of a jelly.

    Looking forward to seeing what this costs and what it can do.
  31. I think the new Meg looks better

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  32. Source?
  33. Do not forget that this car is developed under Albert Biermann which is the same guys that made the BMW M3 the car it is today.

    I think this car could be a wolf in a sheep clothing.

    Lets see when the papers testdrive it, so far good praise about it in Evo and autoexpress,
  34. If they price it well and come out with some decent lease deals then I can see it doing very well.
  35. @2:53......

  36. I agree, only snag with the Megane is how much of a big lump it will be. Much bigger all round and potentially much heavier than the MK3.
  37. Yes this is true, although all the bm M cars are big and fat but still remain fun and relatively agile. I was amazed how a new one handles when. I was following it across B roads in Wales. Went like stink too!

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  38. But not as much fun as a lighter and more agile car. Mass always blunts the experience. Can't hide it. Performance car manufacturers nemesis.

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