Spicy New Hyundai Hot Hatch

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  1. Hyundai are now having a more serious go at the performance hatch sector with the new ‘N’ brand.

    They are also going to knock out a more extreme track orientated package in addition to the basic new hot ‘N’.

    Might be a winner if the price/performance ratio is good and undercuts the rivals.

  2. MBC


    Shame they didn't actually talk about the car that much and what it had. I have driven an i30 and I hated every second of it! Lol.

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  3. Could be good, talks about the roads of wales and a type of track package,a friend of mine used to work for nissan and his job was to strip down brand new cars and evaluate them,he said hyundai and kia were among the best built and he was impressed .
  4. Could be a pearler.
  5. Rumours now suggesting it's going to be a bit special. Type R rival, 300 bhp, torque vectoring, manual box + a few tricks.

  6. Looks good, I think it'll have to be priced below its competition to get people out of Meganes, Golfs, Hondas etc
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'd be very surprised if this isn't a cracker, it's pretty much been developed at the Ring
  8. Those that have driven it (Steve Sutciffe) say it is very good. Lots of dynamic adjustment, dampers, steering etc. Good on track also. Might look like a turd tho. One to watch.
  9. very impressive, but still an Hyundai IMO... difficult market and late in the day i do agree
    The other thing is it is going on sale at a very similar time with the Mégane RS 4...watch this space
  10. Could be interesting this. The Koreans are really upping their game lately. Looking forward to seeing it unwrapped.
  11. Brand is so important in this market that this car will never be a big seller for them. It will take years/decades to build the reputation others have but it will probably be a good first step.
  12. They would have to use the marketing tool of their WRC weapon and translate that into the sales that Subaru done back in the day, although WRC does not carry the same fan base in mainstream programming that it once did. Although Subaru success in sales was and still is down the the McRae factor.

    It will be interesting to see what it actually gets unveiled as. It has the potential to be a serious tool that will get shunned by brand snobbery.
  13. It seems a bit 'safe', as in they're not really trying to push the market anywhere and just joining in a bit. Not sure how they expect to stand out if at all with that.
  14. Not bad....


  15. So why is it that you like this so much? When you seem to hate the new Megane!
  16. Just made that factual:

    The Hyundai has been independently tested and is a great package. Hyundai is promoting it and seems proud of what it's doing. You can bet the price will be right and apart from the badge it will a strong contender.

    Renault? A couple of months to go and not much really positive happening or any hints of anything special.
  17. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Not as if you'll ever actually drive it anyway, eh?
  18. So what do you think makes it such a great package? And why dont you think that the Megane will be a great package?
  19. More questions.....

    Be good to see if you have your own opinion.
  20. Depends fella. Not released yet.
  21. Im interested to hear your reasons behind your opinion?
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  22. It's still all speculation. We don't know the full details of the Megane, so it's pointless making judgement at the moment. For all we know, it might end up with 320bhp and be a total rocket ship. The only thing we can say for certain is that their marketing department probably need to work a little harder.

    I'm interested to see what the Hyundai is like. It's nice to see them trying to break out of their comfort zone and produce a proper performance model. They'll need to push the PR hard though. The Kia Cee'd GT was meant to be a decent little car but it's pretty much been forgotten already. They're going to have a tough job to establish themselves in this market. They're going the right way by trying to create a distinct brand though.
  23. Covered in posts #9 and #17 above.

    What's your opinion on the 2 cars?
  24. Please don't encourage him. At most you'll get regurgitating of existing review content and at least deflection.
  25. Youve not actually said why its a great package though?
  26. The internet has told him to.
  27. For the same reason THEY do.

    What's your view?
  28. I give up
  29. Fair enough, no personal opinion then.

    The car has been driven by several independent and respected testers with Hyundai allowing detailed access both on the road and track.......and they all say the same thing, great package.
  30. So youve driven it then?
  31. This thread ... seriously.
  32. This is how it goes when he's around sadly.

    The trick is to not start :wink:
  33. Much easier being a non-thread contributing fringe dweller.
  34. Ha ha ha, it sounds and looks like copy and paste most of the time, same shit different thread.
  35. Takes all sorts chaps..
    Aerofoil has only quoted what well respected motoring journalists are saying.
    Some people just have a style that rubs people the wrong way..

    If quality motoring journalists like steve sutcliffe says its a winner..it probally will be..that man knows how to drive a car.

    I hope the car is a winner..could prompt established brands into pushing there own packages even further.
    Wouldnt bother me one bit,with its lack of image..probably why i drive a fat arsed car, that no one has ever heard of!

    fringe brands trying to grab a slice of the hyper hatch market can only be good for us punters.

    I suspect the weak part of the package will be the engine..koreans never seem to be able to make a class leading lump.
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  36. See post #14
  37. Competition is good for sure. Problem with Hyundai is they have no track record, but they recognise that and are out to build the 'N' brand. The advantage is, if it's as good as they are saying, then it will probably be very well received.

    Engine wise, don't know many modern 4 pot Turbos that are really that special.

    Price will be key, and if as predicted it this comes in well under £30K (some talk of £25-£28K) for a 280 bhp light (ish) great performer then it must tempt all those brand adverse types that flock to buy the Focus ST, Leon FR etc because they get a good deal. Where's it leave the Megane? Possibly struggling like the Mk4 Clio RS if it's priced too high.

    Rumour has it Hyundai are already looking at the next targets for the 'N' brand and the Veloster might be an interesting one. Sort of like a MK3 Megane RS coupe:


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