250 Speedline 2120 N4

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  1. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Morning all! Many of you drive wheels with an offset smaller than oem so, in your experience, with that don´t lose part of handling of the car? I mean, Renault Sport engineers did works very well thir part. Please, look the pic to understand me.
    All us likes wheels near the bodywork, looks incredible nice but, maybe that worst to fast road or circuit.
    I ask you that because love the Speedline 2120, but they are 8x18" ET50 or 60 and I´m not sure. I know, I know, we are talking about 5 to 15mm less, possibly I´ll not notice driving, but I like to learn!!:grin:
  2. yes most aftermarket wheels are the more common offset like 35,45,55 you can run upto 45 offset and only impacts handling small amount from factory 65 although a 55 would be better if can find the wheel you're looking for
  3. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Yeah, maybe the thing is not than important and I´m a bit picky, but I have tested many cars with wheel spacers or smaller offsets and it feel like ass in the corners. I find these wheels in ET60 in a french web with a good price(920GBP more or less). Other option ir TD 1.2, but max offset is 50.
    Any advice is wellcome! Thanks bobsan:wink:
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  5. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Good web! Very usefully for my garage! Normally I use pencil, paper and a calculator:sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
    It seems will not notice to much when driving.
    Thanks a lot bobsan!
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  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'd get the speedline, nice wheels and different to the usual TD
  7. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Yes Jamie, I promise some pics when they comes:wink:
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