Specialist Recommendations - Surrounds of Leighton Buzzard/Milton Keynes

Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by LukeG, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've had my Megane three weeks and want to get it booked in with a reputable specialist who can give it a good service and look over. I was curious to see how much Brayley's Renault in Milton Keynes would charge to do a 50K service on my Megane RS265 Cup and they advised the service alone would be £750 :tearsofjoy: goes without saying i'm not going down that route.

    I'm aware of Aarons Autos, Mick at Diamond Motors and the likes, i would love to use them for work but i wanted to establish a good relationship with someone more local that i can easily drop into from time to time.

    I have near me:

    Bucks Autos in Aylesbury and Beanie Sport in Milton Keynes.

    Has anyone had experience with Bucks Automotive?

    Thanks in advance all,

  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Beanie Sport are known in the RS scene, Im sure some of our Southern miners can advise on both but just by name id be going to Beanie
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  3. Bucks Automitive quoted me a silly price for a clutch change with me supplying the parts......just over £800!!!! Im just down the road from them and still found it way way cheaper to drive up to Mark Black in Nottingham. I cant recommend him enough.
  4. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    id go to beaniesport, i want there to pick a few bits up and the amount of renaults out the front shows people trust him and know what hes doing
  5. I'm from LB and used to live in MK, this thread was made for me lol!

    Chris at Beaniesport without a doubt. Have used him for a good few years now. Friendly and very knowledgable, can do all sorts including basic servicing to entire engine conversions etc.
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  6. Thanks for all the responses in such short time, I've heard a bit about Beanie Sport from quick searches, and hearing from you all confirms Chris at Beanie is where to go!

    Dot, are you, not sure i've seen you about? What are you driving?

    Thanks again all,

  7. I've got a silver Megane 175 DCI as my daily, used to own a LY R26 as well.

    I've also currently got a 182 Cup in Inferno as a track toy, currently working through the mods, cage and buckets going in over the next week or so.

    I'm in LB fairly often visiting family/friends, but am based in Silverstone now.

    Will keep my eyes peeled as I don't often say many RS's around tbh

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