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  1. Were you planning on making your own adapter rings? They are both bigger than the 13cm adapter rings commercially available will accommodate.

    Both options are going to be massively better than standard but I'd go for the Audison's because the spec tells you the crossover point (3.5kHz), so will definitely give a good soundstage. The Alpine seem to be very well engineered but omit the crossover point from their spec, so all that good sound could be mostly be directed at your legs.
  2. Did contemplate the Audison prima apk165’s but they would need some fabrication to fit our Megane’s I believe given it’s a 6.5” woofer size. Would need a good amp for clean power source to drive them + fabrication to fit + ideally upgrading factory head unit to make the most out of the apk165’s

    that’s why i stuck with the apk130’s as it’s a direct fit for our Megane’s given 5.25” woofer size
  3. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Nice up to date thread here, been thinking about updating my speakers recently. Headunit has been changed, I have the Pioneer min amp and a slimline sub but I’m ready for a bit extra.
  4. @Gavin. what you thinking of upgrading to for that bit extra?
  5. 5CE34CBC-8813-4C3D-BFDD-19EFD56E16A7.jpeg So I bought the Audison apk165. You can fit a 6.5 in there. The little crossover box, one side input the other side tweeter. Can I connect the input directly to the exiting tweeter connector in the dash or do I tap into the positive and negative on the speaker cables. Help much appreciated.
  6. Connect the tweeter cable in the dash to the Audison high pass filter and the mid/bass directly to the speaker connector in the door. The diagram in the box-out depicts what is effectively the wiring scheme the car has as standard, so no need to do any splicing yourself.

    Just to be clear, is your car a mk2 or mk3? I'd be interested to see a picture of how you fit these larger speakers in a mk3.
  7. So in simple terms, the end which says input connects to the dash.

    it’s a mk3. You’ve got 65mm from the door skin to when the glass is down. I’ve made custom speaker rings 20mm thick, which I’ve riv nutted the door and these bolt too. I trial fitted the door card and it fits.
  8. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Change the actual speakers, they are still standard in mine.
  9. Incase anyone is wandering, theres a cable and plug in the back for optional tweeters that come with Arkamys system. I drilled and fitted a surface mount tweeter in mine, (plain as possible tweeter) even thou i had 2-ways in the back anyway.
  10. Hi

    So did you get the APK165 to fit ok? I had a listen to the APK130's and the 165's today and the 165's were noticeably nicer sounding so I'd really prefer those.

    Did you need adapters etc?
  11. Yes they fit but you need to make custom speaker rings. 80096112-3406-4141-A993-EFB2D74582F9.jpeg
  12. Thanks for taking the time to reply, and put the picture up.

    Did you just make the rings out of MDF? I'm reasonably handy so don't mind having a go myself.

    My local car audio place flatly said a 6.5" wouldn't fit.
  13. Or could I use something like this?
  14. F462FA66-12AC-4D3E-81E5-C914D90AF426.jpeg Your better off making your own more for fixing them to the door. I drilled and riv nutted the door. From memory it needs to be about 30mm thick. This allows plenty of clearance for the back of the speaker and doesn’t hit the window when down. Didn’t have to do anything to the door card either
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