so over the last few weeks been modding lol

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  1. fitted the new grid q seats and alloy sw prototype seat bases as i know shaun well and were trying them out, also remounted fire extinguisher and removed rear seat. fitted net and bar and re carpeted the back seat area. also fitted some 1 deg rear shims. 0e05b18c-1c43-41bd-b63f-b2b8830b9e3d.jpg 82dda4da-8091-40bb-a0d4-85f7d326b7a8.jpg 82722e3d-90f0-44a4-a982-b91df280553b.jpg
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  2. for the seat buckle. i bought extenders. then shortened the factory bar and mounted as such. 838d5d99-7d56-4e0f-ab1c-29056217edff.jpg
  3. v nice, with rear shims did check geo before fitting shims ??
  4. bobsan no mate. will need to at some piont but lockdown is making it harder work.checked camber which was bang on 0.. now bang on 1 degree neg ..
  5. Good stuff, any camber is great for these special up front really increases turn in ability’s before understeer sets in
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