smoke on overrun

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  1. Anyone know what a healthy compression should be on an R26?
    My car has started to give a puff of blue smoke on overrun, I'm sort of hoping its turbo but have a horrible feeling it may be rings, which will be a pain to sort.
  2. @ianplymouth is your man :tearsofjoy: rings i think....
  3. Could be either turbo seals or valve stem oil seals, doubt it will be the rings unless you have tracked it :laughing::laughing::laughing:
    No seriously doubt it is that, unless number 1 piston is on the way out, be worth trying a camera through the plug hole before stripping.
  4. cheers Ian, I do use on track:tonguewink: I'm sure its not related to the abuse it gets! I'll probably take the opportunity to go fully forged and hybrid.
  5. oh i do remember seeing you on track :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    it's a great opportunity to get it forged if you are going to strip it anyway, but it just maybe the seals on turbo, but to be honest it will be so much easier to pull the engine out to remove the turbo or the cylinder head.
  6. Turns out compression is down to 110psi on cylinder 4 and only 120 on the other 3. I wont/can't do the work myself, any recommendations for somewhere in south east to remove engine, forge it and refit?its already got forged rods and turbo has no signs of wear

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