Single mass fly & R26R clutch review and parts info

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  1. Paul for Tech1 (Upton, Pool) not far from ktec has a CLIP if you're stuck he knows how to fix the problem.
  2. Sorry to drag up an old thread....but......

    Ive had a read on i right in saying the DMF is better to have (although more £££)?
  3. The DMF is a cheaper route and would be the like for like replacement - all Mk2 Meganes had a DMF.

    The SMF works out slightly more expensive, but doesn't need to be replaced in the future unlike a DMF.
    The SMF has a performance gain due to it being lighter, the car will feel more responsive, and in the lower gears will rev faster as well. The SMF will through up an engine warning light, and is not as friendly in stop start traffic, but nothing major. Has no effect on BHP or torque figures though.
  4. Daz


    The thing is for me, having a SMF doesn't stop a new clutch from wearing any slower/quicker than it's going to, and most people would only ever have one clutch replaced in theirs before they arguably sell up and move on so I still struggle to see the point?

    It costs more and is again arguably the inferior option, plus the cost of happing it mapped out if needed - it's doesn't sound like the right way to do it?

    How often have peoples DMF's failed or needed replacing outside of already having the clutch out?
  5. All valid of course,

    For me, it was £100 more on a £800 bill to give the car a performance gain - something that makes the hit on the wallet more of a pleasure than the pain of a repair bill lol.

    I think people opt for it purely for the performance gain side of it, the fact it doesn't need replacing is just a token bonus for most, but for higher power megs its probably handy.

    For my car on 72k it was actually the flywheel that gave out - the clutch was totally fine - but it was 6 years old.

    The warning light for me has come on twice in 6 months, and I just use my phone to get rid of the code - but it is a drawback from the normal oem route for sure.

    Now that I have it, I would of made the same choice, but its quite personal and the DMF is nicer when stuck in miles of stop start 1st gear traffic.
  6. I'm in the same boat as Papps.

    whilst I don't feel there's anything wrong with buying a DMF again, as per the valid points raised by others. for me (who had a new clutch and SMF last week) it was an extra £100 on what was already a £700 bill.

    no warning lights for me, and the new clutch & fly feel very nice!

    (thanks to Mark Black for the work)
  7. Hmmmmm....thats very interesting! Ive noticed my car is very juddery at low speed especially in now wondering if the flywheel may be the reason? ASFAIK its a standard flywheel?
  8. is this the same maddog that had a blue Impreza ?
  9. No mate...i had the silver bugeye a few years ago :smile:
  10. Daz


    What performance gains?
  11. Lighter so spins engine up faster.
  12. Daz


    Does it really equate to much a performance gain though on these cars? I've seen it on other cars where it's hardly noticeable.

    Mine's just hit 60,000 on original clutch and has been mapped since 40,000 so I've no doubt I'll end up putting a clutch in it at some point.
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  14. My mate has a lighter flywheel on his 182 and it is insane, almost like a bike how quickly the revs go up and down.
    Granted these are boosted so I don't really know as I've never been in one but I would love to know the difference with a bum dyno :wink:.

    & Daz mines done 70k and mapped on the last 3 years, tbh the flywheel feels like its going first.

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