Single mass fly & R26R clutch review and parts info

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  1. I'm trying to work out if I can fit a less heavy clutch to my helix at some point.
  2. I have a helix on my megane.

    You lot are wimps. Its not that heavy. Man up a bit :wink:
  3. Totally agree Andy :smiley:. Smegal bought my old R26 with the helix, I didn't think it was that heavy
  4. Lol. It made my 306 gti6 feel light. It's an aunt to drive in traffic.

    I can drive it fine. It's just less fun than it could be.
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  5. It's not the clutch that makes the Helix feel heavy. I've got the Helix fitted to my 225 and I absolutely hate it.
  6. Is it not the clutch cover that has the clutch release spring that makes the pedal heavy? You could replace the clutch cover with a lighter spring, bearing in mind that the spring defines the clamping force..
  7. Not to sound dense but could someone explain the pro's and con's to me of each set up over std?2
  8. Sure.

    The helix ( and the r26r + SMF ) setup use a single mass flywheel and not a dual mass one. What this means is that in theory the SMF will never wear out , but the DMF is considered a consumable. Although getting the DMF + clutch ( not from Renault I must add ! ) is cheaper than that Helix kit , it wont take the power , and is more likely to wear out sooner.

    The downsides to the Helix kit is that it isnt cheap. However , its a lot cheaper than you might imagine if you ask the right people ( Ill give you a clue. His name is Paul and RS tuning )

    The SMF and r26r is a halfway house. It has the benefits of the SMF , with the apparently 20% stronger clamping force of the r26 clutch. For me though it didn't warrant a sufficient price per performance ratio over the helix kit , so I went the helix way.

    Some say the helix kit introduces a heavier clutch. I agree , but its not major heavy. I think people are just getting used to over servo'd equipment to be honest.
  9. I really like how smooth the revs are and when changing gear its seamless when driving casually with the std clutch & fly. Is it similar with this kit bud?
  10. Yes !

    Its just like driving the car with a DMF. The only difference I have noticed is it appears to rev easier. Now this could be a placebo, or it could be that I am able to pile on speed more due to less clutch slip and more wheel slip !

    If you were closer I would offer you a run out ..
  11. Sounds perfect!
    Cheers Andy for the offer anyways :wink:.
  12. Cheers for the schooling Andy, I'll look into it if ever I'm experiencing a bit of slipping.
  13. What's the difference between the standard clutch and the R26r clutch? Is it worth the upgrade?
  14. Not unless yours is fooooked
  15. 20% more clamping force iirc, good for a remapped car and as above.
  16. What are the prices of a Helix? And where best place to get one delivered from?
  17. I wouldn't advise going to helix direct. Paul at RS tuning prices were very good..
  18. Hi, how much to post the R26r clutch, SMF and slave cylinder as it's a bit far to travel.
  19. Hi,
    Is it required to take out the whole engine for clutch replacement? The garages in my city are not familiar with Renault cars.
  20. Nope!

    I would go to a specialist though.
  21. Just lower the subframe is ok?
  22. Yes , that appears correct. Clear the top above the gearbox of all ancillaries , drop the subframe , shafts out , box off ..
  23. Quick question, my clutch hasn't gone yet but it is getting nearer the top. Does everyone that changes to smf and R26.R clutch have the EML come on?
  24. RStuning can map the light out stop the fault showing on the dash.
  25. .
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  26. Nope!

    As already said, clear above the gearbox. So battery, battery tray, airbox etc etc.

    Remove the front bumper, then the front crossmember (thing that supports the radiator and intercooler etc. Hold the rad and intercooler up using a ratchet strap).

    Remove the subframe, easiest way is to leave everything attached and just drop the entire subframe from the car, so rack, wishbones etc.

    Shafts out, and then you should have ample room to get at the gearbox. Engine may need tilting a little bit to get it to come out and go back in cleanly, but it is easily done with a trolley jack.

    It's not the easiest job in the world, but I managed to do mine on my driveway so a garage shouldn't struggle.

    Hope that helps!

    Fortunately not.

    I went for the RS Tuning SMF and R26.R clutch on my 225 Trophy.

    Been running it for a few months now and haven't seen the light once.
  27. As above been running mine for 5 months and no error light so far.
  28. I had one come on driving back from Marks, I cleared the light and it hasnt come back on since.

    I do have a horrible vibration in 6th. Dont know if its related to this but it never used to happen.
  29. Smf r26r clutch

    I am new to this forum and the megane 225 which I have recently purchased,
    Anyway after much reading on here I decided to go with the SMF & R26R CLUTCH, after ringing RST LEEDS they quoted me £850 + vat That was for me to collect for cash which I wanted as its only 25 miles away.
    I then rang ENGINE DYNAMICS Essex who quoted me £633 inc vat delivered so it pays to shop around

  30. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    I can supply and fit for £850
  31. now I like that deal even better :smile:)
  32. Can't recommend Mark enough!! Spot on service!
  33. same here, top bloke, nothing is to much trouble :cool:
  34. Agreed.....mark is a top bloke,he done my clutch etc yesterday.
  35. Is the SMF & R26R CLUTCH the best package for a daily running 270 bhp - 300 lbft?
    I really like how buttery soft my pedal feel is and don't want that to change.
  36. Hi,
    Thanks for reply, as it happens its already booked in for fitting today, but I will keep you in mind for any future work
    Cheers Kev.
  37. Mines booked in with mark rather soon too SMF and R clutch
  38. Just had my clutch changed at 82k with the r26r clutch and SMF kit from ktec. Picked it up today and the emissions light has come on driving home, is it as simple as getting it turned out or does it need to be mapped out?

  39. Mine has come on twice (once was after a new battery was fitted), I cleared it with torque pro app on my phone and its not come back..

    I'd give it a few weeks and see.

    CLIP is of no help - it needs to be remapped out.
  40. ok cheers mate i will do that.

    Thanks for the help.

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