Single mass fly & R26R clutch review and parts info

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  1. Well, the deed has been done, one very, old very tired 90k clutch has been binned and in its place a Shiney new SMF and an R26R clutch has been fitted.

    After weeks of being overtaken by old ladies in motorised shopping carts I can drive properly again. First things first a massive thanks to Mark Black, the rumors are true the guys a star. A proper gent and nothing short of a wizard with a spanner! Car stripped down to its underpants in double quick time and new clutch fitted in just over 4 hours! Whilst he was at it he sorted a few niggles for me and stuck some new fluid too.

    First impressions are brilliant. You soon get used to the new clutch feel, it's more on/off so could catch you out initially but after a few miles and some gear changes you soon adapt. Car picks up noticeably quicker, engine breaking is more evident and its just a lot more responsive. Really pleased.

    As yet there are no engine lights on the dash but this may or may not change. Once I get a few more bits and I need my mapping updated I'll get it mapped out just in case.

    All in all I'm a happy chap, when I get home I'll add some pics and some prices and part numbers for folks interested.

    Again just want to say thanks to Mark and our favorite Renault parts guru Adam, I'll be in touch soon for more goodies!
  2. Dan


    90,000 miles?
  3. Yup, 90,000 brilliant miles
  4. Dan



    Any major problems? All road use or the odd track day?
  5. Great stuff mate, sorry I couldn't make it over just been upto my neck in it, as you say corey mark is a good guy and really knows his stuff, only guy I'll let work on mine
  6. Yeah I hope my clutch lasts 90000.
  7. He uses it properly Dan, I can tell you mate
  8. Encouraging to know. What do people reckon the typical miles is? My 220bhp 328i was just starting to slip at 98000 and I smashed the clutch in my Seat Arosa at 120000 when I didn't rev match very well.

    How much did this all cost if you don't me asking Corey?
  9. Yep used properly Dan, used everyday and tracked as we'll, althoughhad a year away due to work kids etc. Cars getting tidied up for this year's track time though. I'll add prices of bits after I've finished the wife's chores 'sigh':tongueout:
  10. ^ lol nice one Corey ha ha yeah prices etc be great :-)
  11. Right then the bits your all interested in, cost and part info...

    Slave cylinder first

    Next you'll need the R26.R single mass flywheel from rstuning, important you order this one and not the R26 SMF see below for reason. £346.79 Inc delivery

    The clutch is the final part. Now go for the later R26.R clutch as this has a higher clamping rate so it's stronger. You have to make sure you order an R clutch if you have ordered the R single mass flywheel as they won't fit if you mix them. Get this from Adam at Renault Wolverhampton, certain other well known tuners sell this for close to £300 Adam sells them for £120!

    Next get your ass to Mark black hand over £200 and stand back and watch the msn do his stuff. All in its worked out at £715.39. Yes not cheap, but I have a clutch which should last until the rest of the car falls apart and can handle more power so I'm well chuffed.

    If you need anymore info just give me a shout and I'll try and help ourat least point you in the right direction

    View attachment 787 . View attachment 786 IMAG0658.jpg IMAG0662.jpg

    Bumped into Mr Fernandez at the end of the day too, lovely car and a top bloke too.


  12. Good to meet you too Corey. The meg looked nice and some tasty mods too.
  13. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    You should have stayed
    We found some food in a customers car we all shared and dressed up in some Timmy mallet clothes
    Nice to meet you, hope the car drives much better
  14. Stupid question but why does the car pick up quicker just because it has a SMF , I bet your well cuffed
  15. Hahaha Damn it, missed out there, having seen your phone videos I don't doubt it for a second! Can't thank you enough mate was a pleasure and I'll definitely be in touch.
  16. Ktec want £650 just for the fly and clutch don't they? My clutch and fly for my old 328i cost £800. Found out after I could have done a SMF conversion for less.

    Hang on, I thought you had an ultra blue R26?
  17. Picture came out blured... but you get the idea

  18. He has but he bought the 2 matching parts
  19. Yup unless you shop around it can work out a lot more expensive. Meg is blue though it's taken on its bluey brown winter outfit. The Clio belongs to cazan racing.

    Steve, it weighs less than the dual mass unit so less mass means it spins faster in simple terms. ( someone can correct me or add anything more techy) :smiley:
  20. Haha you carry the look of so well mate! Needs to be your new uniform.
  21. I bet up shifts are easier, and I bet heel & toe for down shifts are easier too.
  22. Your welcome to try it Adam if you want to, I'm really pleased. I haven't tried heel and toe yet, but I'll go the scenic route to work tomorrow and have a play.
  23. I might have to hold you to that!
    Is the R clutch sprung then? Without the damping of the DMF is there much chatter and vibrations?
  24. Yes it's still sprung and looks almost identical to the std clutch but with more teeth (the bits in the centre of the clutch ). They're is no extra noise, vibrations etc and after you get used to the slightly different clutch feel it becomes second nature.
  25. TimR26

    TimR26 South Central RSM Area Rep

    I think this is the route I'll take when my clutch goes. I'm on 83k miles now and clutch is still going strong despite being Stage 2 for 60k.
  26. I'm convinced in going for an SMF. Mines being changed very shortly!
  27. Is it any good I n traffic start stop etc ? It's a good idea
  28. Stop start traffic has been fine, not had any major jams to sit in on my travels yet but my daily route consists of motorway, b roads then built up town areas and it's fine.
  29. I'm not quite sure how long my clutch has in it so I will bare this in mind when it's replacement time I thought maybe it would be a bit harsh without the damping of the DMf more of an on/off switch that's why I asked
  30. How much is the standard DMF and clutch? I think this mod is a no brainer.
  31. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    Standard clutch and dmf £650 fitted
    R26r clutch and dmf £750 fitted
    R26r clutch and solid flywheel £750 fitted
  32. Corey got his, including slave cylinder, for £715. I think it's worth the extra, not that I've driven it. The way the revs drop between gear changes will be worth it alone. Probably no need to use the clutch pedal!
  33. Please remember the prices of bits like the slave cylinder can vary. I was lucky and got it at a reduced price from Euro car parts sales. So shop around, you should get one for far les than the £120 quoted. Also Adam does his best for parts but again Renault dictate the starting point before he can try and do any discounts.

    As for Mark he won't mess about and you'll get the best prices and great workmanship, but take onboard the above regarding part costs.

    Still miles cheaper than elsewhere!
  34. Daz


    If it's such a no brainer fitting an smf why do people always worry about doing it? (bar the light..)
  35. I guess it's handy not to have that light on, in case there is actually a problem you want to know about.
  36. mark we've briefly spoke about this before, what is the difference between dual mass and solid?
  37. Does anyone know what fitment the helix clutch and flywheel are?
  38. As in what cars does it fit? Fits all Mk2 RS Meganes.
  39. Sorry. As in will it take an R26 or an R26.R clutch, or neither?
  40. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    You can fit it in all the Renault models, just ask for the kit you want and he will send the correct parts

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