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  1. Has anybody got a link?
  2. Made it in my work with some 2mm stainless folded in the brake press, the bottom has a layer of like gasket paper stuff to protect against the terminals, then my brother prayed it for me and got the sticker off ebay, cost in total around £3 lol
  3. ^^^^sprayed*
  4. Which ind kit is this??
  5. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Looks like an espace v6 airborne. Common mod on the Clios. Not seen it on a Megane though.
  6. I used to have one on my 172, more hassle than it was worth iirc.
  7. k-tec were developing it as their induction kit but then iirc renault stopped producing the airbox and they changed their design to a open filter + 90 degree bend.
    Althought the initial k-tec design had a different silicone pipe similar to the clio one a lot of hassle on the megane as you need to relocate the battery too
  8. Will.

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    Ktec developing? No they were going to buy a shit load of those air boxes for lets say £50, put a filter in it, add a hose and charge people £250. Any one can "develop" that. They just take things and charge a shit load for it.

    (All prices are made up as an example btw).
  9. Ha Ha, Yeah ok maybe developing wasn't the right turn of phrase!
  10. Daz


    For 3 quid make me another! :wink:
  11. Lmao:smiley:
  12. Some nice bays there.

    Heres mine. Its a bit untidy but its a work in progress. lol.

  13. We update from my bay before tygyduma.jpg
  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Here's mine needs a detail and proper induction kit though

  16. Will.

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    Looks like a standard engine bay to me.
  17. How do you clean engine bay? Is it save to use Karcher?
  18. [​IMG]

    No modifications so far :cool:
  19. This is my inferno 225s engine bay -


    My Twingo 133 Gordini's engine bay -


    This is my 225 Trophy's engine bay with and without the engine cover. Engine cover needs jazzing up a bit at some point. :smile:


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    Something like this..

  21. [​IMG]
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  22. That is just sick :cool:
  23. [​IMG]


  24. [​IMG]

    My bro s 500 hp clio gtx30
  25. I was just browsing on Google and came across this thread. Would anyone care to get it going again?
  26. matt e

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  27. You didn't disappoint Matt! The poor old F4R isn't the prettiest engine ever, but that looks great - bloody clean too!
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  28. matt e

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    its not very clean at the moment!
  29. You obviously haven't seen mine then lol
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  31. fe6fd6c8c06901823f6cdd5280acfa36.jpg

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