Show us your engine bay..

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  1. Let see those engine Bays. I'll start the ball rolling, not a Megane but it is a Megane engine.

  2. vu9ada5a.jpg

    Soon to have big ass trumpets coming from there :smile:
  3. It's an old one but you get the idea!!

  4. needing a tidy up but thatll happen soon enough

  5. Non megane. .

  6. ... on fire ... :blush:

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  7. Like that ^

  8. Stevie

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    and Gillian's
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  9. That's brilliant :smile:
  10. Here's 1 of mine done last weekend three day but happy with the result...

  11. Loving the black and blue combo here! did you remove everything to spray the parts?
  12. Just as Renault intended :smile:

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  13. Some tidy bays, Mark yours is lovely.

    In gettinf ideas already :cool:
  14. 20130713_191222.jpg
    Needs stickering up yet but thats mine so far.
  15. my old engine bay

  16. Have you got any better photos? Looks tidy.

    Heres the only picture ive got atm, booooring!

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  17. yea took everything off to do it,few more bits to do but am getting there..
  18. IMG_8058_zps38978899.jpg

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  19. Here is mine.



  20. ^Gimmi some bits out of there^
    @FCS i bothered going and had a great weekend met some great guys n gals sorry i didnt spend more time with megsp members tho
  21. megane 175 dci 001.jpg engine cover decal.jpg My 175 Dci just started the dress up
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  22. Here is mine :smiley:

  23. IMG_1885_zps50b8227a.jpg

  24. DSC_0133.jpg
  25. Here's my new cover, it's to hang on the wall not fit on the R 322E013D-AB14-4DA5-B3FA-0F12BD875A26.jpg
  26. Done by spray shack, R26.R is not a sticker it's painted on, their work is nothing short of 1st class
  27. Steve that is a cracking job mate, looks quality
  28. nesynyha.jpg

    Mine looked like this for a while. I've since fitted the standard boost pipes & engine cover back on.
  29. The crap phone pics don't show the quality of the gloss and depth to it, their work is 2nd to none, highly recommend them
  30. It's a stunning finish, I made my battery cover and got my brother to spray both engine and battery covers, makes the bay look a whole load better
  31. It'll look good on my wall
  32. Who and where are spray shack and how much would that set someone back ?
  33. Spray shack 01568 613283, ask for Simon tell them Steve with the R26.R sent you and he will give you a price on a design , he will do what ever you like
  34. Daz


    That battery cover looks great! I'm assuming you made it or had it made up?
  35. Boring but clean...


  36. Where ate people getting the engine bay stickers from after they have painted them?
  37. I think you can get them off ebay bud

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